Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pip eats Ice Cream

This afternoon Bean got back from a visit to the water park with her very best friend in the world. Because I missed her so very much I took her through the drive thru at McDonald's for an ice cream treat. They have always given Pip a dog treat. It has gotten to the point as soon as we pull up to the menu to order he goes insane. This dog will bark and snap at anything that moves, except anyone in a McDonald's uniform. They have the magic potion that turns the little guy into a well behaved puppy. Dog treats! Today he let the guy at the window pet him for a full five seconds before he growled at him. To reward his good behavior the nice man in the window gave Pipper his very own baby cone! He was in doggie heaven! I fear now that any future ice creams I want to treat myself with will be quickly attacked by the world's worst dog.He licked away every last speck of ice cream. Mean Mommy I am though I didn't allow him to eat the cone. Too much sugar for the little guy.

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Pip Chronicles

In the last installment of this blog we learned about how naughty Pip the puppy is. That hasn't changed a bit. People are always asking how Pip is and want stories about him. I have no idea why. Maybe it's because they can't believe one dog could be so bad and still be so loved. Maybe they just want to laugh at me!

Pip is unusually inquisitive. I am convinced he understands every word of what we say and I'm convinced he thinks he's a real human boy instead of a naughty little terrier. I just watched him for nearly 10 minutes watch a ladybug. He kept turning his head sideways, whine and nose at this poor ladybug who only wanted to crawl across the sun warmed glass in peace. This is the sort of thing he does all the time. He doesn't get bored easily if something catches his attention. He spends his time trying to figure out what everything is and how it works. 

He especially wants to know why the cat doesn't love him and doesn't want to cuddle or wrestle with him. He tries to share his rope with the cat but Linus wants know part of that. I can't tell you how many times a day I yell for Pip to leave the kitty alone. Even more time is spent actually separating them.

Pip also has this thing with submissive urination that is just so annoying. There is no rhyme or reason to it either. No one know what will bring it on. Sometimes it's excitement. That I can understand. He even has a bandana that says I'm so excited I could pee. Often times someone will lean down to pet him and he'll roll onto his back and start spraying everywhere like a newborn boy with no diaper on. Now believe me when I tell you this dog has never been beaten. He is spoiled rotten and is more kid than dog. I have no idea what he is afraid is going to happen when someone reaches to pat him on the top of the head. 

He would do anything for a treat and I mean anything. We can't even say the word treat in this house unless we are prepared to give him one. We are often reduced to spelling the word and when he learns how to spell we are all screwed! The treat thing started when we were potty training him. Scratch on the door, go out and go potty, come back in and get a treat! Great idea until he tried scratching at the door, running out on the deck, turning around and coming right back in and sitting pretty for a treat. No pal, sorry. Now when we go for a car ride he runs in when we get home and sits pretty for a treat. I guess just being allowed to go bye-bye isn't treat enough for my little man. He does so many amazing things a day that he often has treat overload. He doesn't want to eat them but he wants us to give them to him anyway. This has resulted in treats as toys! He throws them all over the living room and pounces on them like they're trying to get away. Heaven forbid someone try to actually make a move towards his treat. He does what any good terrorist does and annihilates his enemy.

He has a memory that won't quit. Unfortunately. He likes to throw his toys under the furniture and hunt them back out. I get that, it's like a dog burying a bone and then digging it back up. It's a treasure to find. Too bad I don't like him digging at my carpet. When everyone gets tired of retrieving his toys from him they throw it up on top of the book shelf. An out of sight, out of mind theory. Except he will sit and whine until someone gets him a toy. I told the kids to stop putting them up there because he gets bored and goes to the bookshelf and whines. I can't take it anymore! We haven't put the toys up there for a few weeks. He still sits there and whines for them. Even after you lift him up and show him there is nothing there.

Last crazy dog thing I want to share today is how much he "talks". I read that Rat Terrorists Terriers will do this but I thought how bad can it really be? Bad I tell you! Hubby was laughing at us the other day. Pip was sitting beside my chair "talking" to me. I would yowl the same noise back at him and he would answer with a different tone. It appeared we were having a real conversation. I finally told hubby that I really wished I knew what we were talking about. I hope I didn't promise to give the cat away.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Time dulls but never takes away the pain. The other day I had a note that said "remember those you love who are gone, hold their memory close". Doing that today, and every day. Missing you always.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Misadventures of Pip the Wonderpup

Pip in the cone of shame
I have, what can only be described as, the world’s worst dog. Luckily for him he is also the world’s most adorable dog. I’ve been told more than once I should write a book about his misadventures. I’ll settle on a blog post for now.
I’ve chronicled here how Pip came to be in our possession, or rather we came to be in his possession because, let’s face it, he owns us. Ask him, or anyone else who may have made the little monsters acquaintance, they’ll tell you. He runs the show around these parts. He barks and these humans do his bidding.
Pip has this obnoxious habit, which I can only assume he inherits from the terrier blood, of putting whatever he is chewing on at the time underneath the furniture. When he was a baby it was adorable because he could fit under the bookshelf or the television stand and retrieve his toy. Now, he can only bark and dig at my carpet until we’ve finally had enough and retrieve his toy for him. After two or three or one time of this we’ve had enough and take his toys away. This leads him to wander off in search of some other entertainment. That is usually a pair of underwear that he chews and then hides in his den, errr under my bed. Sometimes he finds less personal things to chew on and eats the eyes off a stuffed animal a young girl has saved her money to purchase from the American Girl Doll store or a pair of mittens in the shape of an animal. That leads me to have several hours of wondering if this will be the time whatever he ate decides to get caught up in his intestines and cause us to spend the monthly grocery budget on a trip to the emergency vet.

Pip was becoming a very naughty little boy who had to spend several hours every day running around the yard peeing on all the trees and bushes and stray toys so that every other dog who lives in the neighborhood knew this was his territory. He also had a nasty habit of trying to eat anyone who dared make the unforgivable mistake of trying to visit any of his people. It was time for the big snip snip. After a few days of babying the baby he was back up and running. It didn’t seem to slow him down in the least. He was so insane still that he broke his cone of shame and had to have it removed a few days early. He would just smash into the walls or the back of our legs like he didn’t have the thing on. It was the oddest thing. Our bushes are happy to report they are urine free but our friends will tell you he still tries to eat them. I’ve had to resort to arming people with treats when they come in as an offering to the evil ruler Pippen.

Then there’s the order of the pack thing that I swear we’ve never had to deal with until now. All these dogs we’ve had over the years know their place but this one thinks we should know our place. In his world the leader of the pack as me, I rule the world. He thinks he shares the second spot with the rest of the family except Bean. He clearly rules her. She walks through the house and he bites her ankles. She tries to correct him and he snaps at her. Heaven forbid she tries to take him out to go potty. The few times she tried I had to go bring him back from the neighbor’s yard. This is a situation that we have to work on. Obviously the kids is higher up in the pack than the cat, even the cat gets more respect than Bean does! 

All of these things would lead you to ask yourself why we haven’t sent him packing. I’ll tell you why, I’m afraid he’d find us and kill us all in our sleep. I kid. I think. Really, he is so cute. That’s what keeps him alive most days. In the morning he doesn’t want to go out until he’s had his daily snuggle. He spends a good 15 minutes every morning begging me to rub his belly and covering my face with sweet doggy kisses. Then there is the afternoon nap that he must spend on my lap. Whenever I speak to him he cocks his head to the side in an attempt to tell me he hears me and knows exactly what I’m saying to him. I could go on and on about what a cutie he is but I don’t want you getting sick and quite frankly a naughty dog is more fun to read about. I’ve always been a cat person but there is something about this little guy that has completely turned my world upside down. I’d take ten more just like him. I’ll let you know when I plan to get them so you can buy stock in Victoria’s Secret.

Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 A Year in Review

Another year is drawing to a close. It hardly seems possible. The years, they fly by and leave lots of laughter and smiles and an occasional tear or two in their wake. As long as the smiles and laughter come more often than the tears I call it a successful year. This year was successful.

For a few reasons I haven't written here. Namely a reader or two who I no longer care to share any of my life with but I've decided I can't shut out those I DO want to share info with and the best revenge is a life well lived right?

So, I'm going to try writing again and filling you all in on my life. A lot of changes have happened in the last year and a half since I walked away from this blog.

Most notably my oldest son went away to war. It was hell letting go of him but our job as parents is to raise them the best we can and set them free to fly and hope they soar. I believe he is soaring.

I completely changed my course of study in college. Although photography is fun and is where my heart is, let's be realistic, it's never going to make me any money because most people with a passion for photography don't go to school to make it a career. They buy an entry level DSLR camera and charge 10 bucks for a disc of pictures. That will never pay my student loans back so I changed to a program that will support my family if I need it to.

I blogged this back when it happened in February but our 14 year old dog died. It was one of the saddest events of my life and ranks right up there with the loss of an actual human family member.

After the death of our old dog we brought in a new guy and holy moly he has turned our lives upside down and shook us around. Pip rules our world. Last week he was neutered in hopes he will try ruling our house and our car and our yard a little less. So far, no go. Good thing he is the cutest, sweetest boy I've ever laid eyes on outside of my actual human sons.

That's about it for the update of the last year. So much has happened that I have no idea how to put into words. My world is always changing but I'm a whole lot less resistant to it than I used to be. I'm learning that kids grow up and move away and no matter how hard you try to raise them right they will ultimately make their own decisions in life. I'm learning that it's best to never open yourself up fully to any person. A soul must always keep secrets to spare itself untold pain. That was the hardest lesson I've ever learned in life. I've learned that friends come and go and some of them you aren't at all sad to see go but your family will always be there for you and love you and to treat them with love and respect is of utmost importance. One would think that was a given, not so much. Life is a learning experience and I'm glad to say I'm always learning and morphing. I had a reminder of that this month. A few people from my very long ago past made contact with me and I realized the path I was on and the path I'm on now are barely even on the same planet. Always learning and growing.

I sincerely hope your 2012 is happy and prosperous and full of as much joy as you can suck out of it. I hope the smiles out way the tears ten to one. If they don't, change your perspective. Happy New Year from my family to yours!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Naughty Pipster

Last week it was 6 months since we lost our Deeogee. The hole he left in this house is one that can never be filled. He wasn't a normal dog who did dog things. He was more a presence. A fixture that we always expected to be there.
I thought I would be alright. Get used to the quiet and the loneliness but then I was left home alone for an entire day by myself and I knew I couldn't do it. I started doing some research and some searching for a new friend. I came across an add on ebay for 2 little rat terrier mix puppies. Getting a mixed breed was a must for us for different reasons. A tri-colored and a black. I really wanted the tri but was told he had been given away so I kept looking. The owner emailed me back and said the people decided not to take the tri-colored pup if we were still interested. Of course we were! We made arrangements to meet them about an hour north of the cities the following weekend to pick up the pup.
The day dawned with a full on blizzard but we went anyway. It was the most hair raising ride there but we picked our little munchkin up at the Cabela's store. He was so tiny! He weighed 3 pounds and fit perfectly in the crook of my arm.

The first few weeks with him were long and exhausting. We never slept, we had to potty train him in several feet of snow piled up in the yard. It was an adventure to say the least but I'm so glad Shawn was laid off and was able to help. He took early morning shift so I could sleep and watched him while I was at school. For the first month he went every where with us. It didn't take him long to ingrain himself into the fabric of our lives.

In a few weeks we will have had him for 6 months and he our lives still revolve around him. He's funny and cute and smarter than a whip. Our giant lab bows down to him and treats him like he's a giant and she's the little dog. The only family member that still hasn't accepted him is the cat but he's starting to come around.

Our life with this little guy is never boring. Meet Pippen Joe. Ruler of the Universe. Pip for short. Isn't he cute as a button?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

What Love Looks Like

When I met my husband he had this tiny little dog with the biggest attitude. The dog was not at all disciplined, he ran away all the time earning me a dog at large ticket at one point. He also bit everyone he could find to latch his teeth into including my nephew, a girl I babysat and myself. I told hubby either the dog was fixed or he had to get rid of him. He had him fixed.
From that day on he was the sweetest gentelest dog anyone had ever known unless someone messed with his new family. He was fierce at protecting us and fended off an intruder one night when the kids and I were home alone.
He also thought he was a cat. A mother cat for that matter. We had a kitten who Deeogee bathed and protected as if he gave birth to it.
He adopted my small son as his boy and the two have been inseperable for all these years.
He truly became part of our family.
Friday night our beloved old man crossed The Rainbow Bridge. It was quick and he did not suffer and for that we are thankful.
I will miss his constant company. Someone to talk to during the day while I am going about my business. Someone to follow me everywhere. Someone to feed the last few bites of my sandwhich to. Someone to lie beside me on the floor at night and snore softly. Most of all I will miss the sound of his nails on the hardwood and the feel of his soft head on my hand and the 5 single strands of white fur at the end of his tail.
See ya one day old man.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


One, two, three, four, and now five. Those are how many years that have gone by since you went away. The wound of your death is now a scar. Happy Anniversary in heaven Scott. I will always miss you.

And the beginning...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Is it appropraite to name a post "grrrr"?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011? How did that happen?

Happy 2011!! How did we get here already? 2010 went by faster than a blink. Good riddance to that crapfest I say!

I have gotten all sorts of grief about not writing here. I could tell you all the reasons I haven't written but they are long and boring and maybe I can use them for material at some point.

It is coming up on the 5th anniversary of Scott's death. I cannot believe it has been more than five years since I have seen my pal. Wow.

School starts next week. I changed my major. I love photography. Don't get me wrong. It is still my passion and who I am inside but it will never pay the bills. I don't regret going to school for it. The wealth of info I have gained is immeasurable. I learned the much needed technical side in addition to honing my inner eye. People remain my second favorite thing to shoot. Nature will always be the heart of my photography. That and my favorite fat cat.

That's about all I have for now. I'm here. You can follow my photography at www.facebook.com/photosbynature or www.facebook.com/capturedbychelle

I promise to check in more often.

Monday, October 11, 2010

The North Shore

This last weekend the children and I ventured to the north shore to spend some quality time with their dad. It really was some of the best family time we have ever spent together. Not to mention the opportunity for beautiful photography. This one here is my favorite taken over the weekend. I plan on having it printed in a lovely 16x24 size and hanging it above my desk.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Do you ever hear something that instantly makes you think KARMA? Just wondering. You can only be a self centered bitch for so long before it catches you.

I am so full of small thoughts today not small as in small as in I don't have anything lengthy to post on any one comment. Just short snippets. Like.....

I hate when people give my phone number out to their bill collectors. I have enough of my own calling me, I don't want your calling me too. Thank you very much.

Don't you hate when people who have spent their whole life dodging responsibility to their children, who have never done a meaningful thing for them beyond donating their sperm, think their child owes them something?

Sometimes we all need a mulligan in life. To just change the things that are seemingly small that end up to be huge life changing decisions.

Besides those few things that bug me I am doing really well. Loving being back to school and will love it even more when the kids go back. Excited to be taking pictures for a purpose instead of for pleasure again. Loving learning so much more about photoshop.

Yeah...I really got nothing. Have a great day!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010



Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kitty Love

You know how they ( I have no idea who they is) say that when a cat leaves a dead animal lying on your doorstep its because the cat loves you and is giving you a present?
Well my cat must adore us. In the last week he has brought me the back half of a pocket gopher and the heart and the liver, the front half of a pocket gopher and today just a gopher head and the heart and kidney.
Alright Linus. You love us. Mind bringing home a pile of cash?

Edit: 6/24
Caught him with a dead gopher in the garage this afternoon. He was gnawing its head off. Disgusting cat.

Monday, June 21, 2010


I'm a firm believer in Karma. I'm from the school of do good things and good things will happen, do bad things and bad things will happen. Ala Earl Hickey.
I have always been a friend to the spiders of the world. I'm not afraid of them, they don't make me squeal like most girls. I have never had the need to call my husband home to be a spider annihilator for me. I always just scoop them up and put them outside. I want us to co-exist, just not in the same house.
Last Monday I was helping my daughter clean up her room when I came across one of those really large black hairy nasty spiders. I scooped him up on a piece of paper and tried walking out of the room with him, headed for the outdoors. He wanted no part of the beautiful Minnesota summer and kept jumping off the paper. I kept scooping, he kept jumping. I finally tired of his game and smashed his ass.
The very next night I was bitten in my sleep by a spider. I remember vaguely itching it in the middle of the night. Then the bite was quickly forgotten until Friday when I woke up with a large red, hot to the touch, tender and itchy patch around the bite site. I knew something wasn't quite right. Turns out my spider bite was infected.
The friends of fuzzy black spider had avenged the cold blooded murder of their friend.

Today I was working on a long over due landscaping project. I was removing sod from against the house. Perfect spider hiding area. They were everywhere. I couldn't blink without another spider scuttling out and up the wall. I'll admit I smashed a ton of spiders today, tonight I am afraid to go go sleep.
Karma is a bitch.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Ticks? Oh My!

Over the long Memorial Day weekend we as a family ventured off for our traditional camping trip. I don't know when this started. Could be as far back as when I was in 8th grade and went with my brothers to Guernsey Lake. Anyhow, I don't remember when I picked it up with my own family but its what we do. Usually. This year was not to be like all the other years. The threat of rain, two small kids and a hubby who hates to camp sent our camping companions back to town 24 hours early. The threat of rain, a waterproof-less tent, a tired Mom and a sick Dad sent us back to town 14 hours or so early. We came home and set up the tent in the garage for the kids, built a fire in the fire bowl in the driveway and let the kids at it. They all ended up in the house but they had fun thinking they were still in control of camping. It never did rain more than a sprinkle but that's okay. That was 14 less hours the ticks had to crawl on us. Yuck!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


As promised. Harvey and I.

Friday, April 30, 2010

God Speed, Speed.

I can't believe it, time rolls by so quickly. It has already been a week since we buried one of the greatest men I have ever known.
Before I was born my Mom was married to my brothers Dad. They divorced, Mom remarried, I was born and then my sister. Luckily for my sister and I my Mom kept a good relationship with her ex husbands family. That family took my sister and I in and loved us like we were their own blood. They certainly didn't have to.
Grandma Fritz was one of my favorite people and to this day I aspire to be the kind of loving, giving, accepting person she was. Grandpa Speed was a great man, he served in world war 2 after he was already married and already a father. He came back to the states ran a farm and later his own car company. As I kid I thought GMC stood for Gulley Motor Company. It was at that car dealership one Easter Gramps had a give away that included a huge Easter basket and the largest stuffed rabbit I have ever seen in my life. That rabbit was taller than a little me was. Probably a good 5 feet or so. Well one day while at my Grandma Bower's house there was a knock at the door. That knock was for my, it was Grandpa Speed delivering that huge stuffed rabbit. The rabbit I was never entered to win. Favortism? Maybe, after all I wasn't blood related so it was perfectly legal for me to win. That rabbit was named Harvey and became my best friend for several years. I had no secrets that Harvey didn't know.
That was the kind of man Gramps was. He took in several grand kids over the years when there parents were unable to care for them for whatever reason. There house was a refuge for many a stray teenager over the years. He and Grandma Fritz were amazing people.
When I learned of Gramps death I cried of course but not from sadness. He lived 91 years on this earth, 21 of them without his beloved Fritz. I cried tears of joy that he and Grandma would now be reunited in heaven. Two Friday's ago heaven became a better place. Rest in peace Gramps.

PS I promise to locate a picture of Harvey and I and post it.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


My husband is super gardener. I think it may be the only thing in life he truly enjoys besides hunting. Every year he tends to get a jump on starting the garden way to early. He tills in February if we have no snow. Okay, that's probably an exaggeration. Definitely March though. This year he decided to start his plants indoors the beginning of February.

He just asked me if I thought 17 tomato plants are to many. Lord help us all, we still have whole tomatoes in the freezer from last summers garden and that was only 5 plants. Hope the neighbors are prepared to have enough tomatoes to can with.

Hannah in the prized garden.

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