Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pip eats Ice Cream

This afternoon Bean got back from a visit to the water park with her very best friend in the world. Because I missed her so very much I took her through the drive thru at McDonald's for an ice cream treat. They have always given Pip a dog treat. It has gotten to the point as soon as we pull up to the menu to order he goes insane. This dog will bark and snap at anything that moves, except anyone in a McDonald's uniform. They have the magic potion that turns the little guy into a well behaved puppy. Dog treats! Today he let the guy at the window pet him for a full five seconds before he growled at him. To reward his good behavior the nice man in the window gave Pipper his very own baby cone! He was in doggie heaven! I fear now that any future ice creams I want to treat myself with will be quickly attacked by the world's worst dog.He licked away every last speck of ice cream. Mean Mommy I am though I didn't allow him to eat the cone. Too much sugar for the little guy.

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