Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Beauty of Today

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There is beauty everywhere you look if you are open to looking beyond yourself and allowing the beauty to overcome you.
There is beauty in a tree that has just weathered a long cold winter and has exploded like a bomb, leaving small dainty flowers in the aftermath.

There is beauty in two hearts, side by side, touching, as if they were one.

There is beauty in a daisy, so delicate yet so strong.

There is beauty in a new flower bursting open, ready for its shot at life and its moment to bask in the sun.

There is beauty in an old tractor, discarded for the winter, patiently awaiting warm days so it can serve the children with its cool relief and await their delighted squeals of joy.

There is beauty in the lilac bloom so fragrantly sweet and the hand that lovingly cares for them.

There is beauty in an old bench with so much history and sentiment that its owners could never bring themselves to discard of it.

There is beauty in a dog so old and gray. A dog so loved that the mere thought of this old dogs life ending springs forth tears in the eyes of those who love him.

There is beauty in a dandelion that rests against a fence.

There is beauty in the memory of a childhood full of monkey faces.

There is beauty in a bird catching its breakfast and the sweet song it sings as it flies away.

There is beauty in a bugs eye view of a dandelion field as well as crawling on your belly in the warm, sweet smelling grass to get the bugs eye view.

There is beauty in the clear, cloudless blue sky and having nothing more important to do than to daydream about the future, the past and the beauty of today.

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