Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Baking cookies

As I set here typing Ed (14 yo) is helping his 2 little sisters bake cookies in their new Easy Bake oven. How sweet? I remember my older brothers doting on me and doing so many wonderful things like that with me. It makes me really happy that maybe my kids will all have the same bond when they are older that I do with my siblings now.

The holidays have been wonderful so far. Christmas Eve Shawn and I went to the grocery store together. Sometimes the smallest things done together are the best. We picked up all the fixings for Christmas dinner. When we got home our Christmas present had been delivered by fed-ex. We took out a second mortgage and the check had arrived. Yay!

Later that afternoon we met our neighbors for church. I am more of a go to church out of obligation than enjoyment kind of person. Surprisingly I really enjoyed the service. The speaker was phenomenal and I was sad when it ended. I looked over at Holly and she was in tears. He really was good. We came home for some dinner and then headed across the street for some wine.

Hannah and their daughter Keely who i'm sure I have mentioned here before are best friends so the girls exchanged presents. I was surprised when Holly handed me a bag and said she had something for me. I protested about how she shouldn't have, she goes onto say how helpful I was when Talon was born and how thankful she is I watch Keely on Fridays for her and what a good friend I am to her. Which all brought me to tears, moments after I was teasing her about being such a big baby and crying at church. I have no idea how we ended up with such good neighbors but I am glad we did.

I read all of our kids the night before Christmas and then we headed home to open our one present before getting into pajamas and tucked into bed. The kids went to bed so easily after we checked NORAD and saw that Santa was just above us in Canada!! Santa had came and went before 11!!

Christmas day we were up early, very early. The girls squealed with delight after opening every present and Matthew hugged me a million times. Everyone had received what they had asked Santa for and mom and dad didn't do so bad either.

Shawn's little sister Tina came over for Christmas dinner and played with the kids and there new toys. I had to retire for a nap. We ended the day with our traditional drive around town to look at Christmas lights.

It was different to be home this year without a gaggle of family around but it was very nice. Although Shawn won't admit it, he was really happy to have his baby sis here. We also got the news that his brother whom has been missing for at least 4 years was located and is at least alive. We have no additional information and no one plans on contacting him. It's just nice to hear that he is alive!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas everybody!!

I just love the holiday season. All the hustle and bustle and the stress of trying to get it all done. But done it finally is...well almost. I forgot about candy for the stockings.

Last Saturday we had a holiday party for neighbors, friends, co-workers and Shawn's sister. What a great time!! We finally headed to bed at 3:15. I love being able to get together with my friends, feed them 'til they can't move and get them so merry with wine that they don't care to. My wonderful hubby ended up worshiping the porcelain god. Good times lol

Today we are off to the grocery store to buy the roast beast. Then off to church with our neighbors then home again home again for some wine and exchanging presents with all of our kids. I really love our neighbors! We got lucky.

Tonight the 24 hours of the Christmas Story starts!! That is our holiday tradition since Shawn and I have been married. To heck with Jimmy and his Wonderful Life, we'll take a kid in a bunny suit on Christmas any day!!

I want to wish all my friends a very Merry Christmas! I hope you get more than coal in your stockings! :)


Saturday, December 10, 2005


Have you ever had one of those days that shook you to your very core? One that made you evaluate your whole life, one that makes you wonder what's next?? I had that very day today. Anyone who knows me well knows that I am not a crier. Today I am all cried out.

It started as any Friday night at the Corral. I jammed out on my drive to work preparing to have a phenomenal night. Lots of tips and lots of laughs, I walked in and was greeted with an obituary. One of my favorite servers had died before life even began for her. 23 years old and dead. So much potential. I couldn't contain myself. Here come the tears. The other servers stared at me, what was up with me? She worked with us for such a short time and it was so many months ago. Why the water works? Why? Because she was such an amazing young soul with so much potential and do much life inside of her. She definitely lived life to it's fullest. Maybe she knew.

I decided to wipe away my tears and go on with the night. I didn't want to think about all that opportunities missed out on. I wanted to think about all she had lived for. Life goes on for the living.

Come the end of the night our manager called a meeting out of no where. Every single employee was in attendance. She didn't get a word out before her water works started. It seems the owner has decided to get out of the restaurant business, effective December 31. 11 years, 11 years and he is out. We are all out, out of a job. Hello! End to one of the saddest nights I have ever known professionally.

All I want to do is go pray for a life that ended way to soon, an angel in heaven that was really an angel here on earth. She earned her wings before she ever learned to fly, rest in peace Cassie.

Thursday, December 8, 2005

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Hannah's birthday pics! :)

Catching up...damn phone

Why is it every time I sit down to catch this thing up the phone starts ringing? Is it the God's trying to tell me I just shouldn't do it??

Update on Matthew's teacher dilemma. I received a letter from her this weekend saying she knew how upset I was and came up with some ideas on how we can be pro active in Matthew's education process. Well, damn it took her long enough. I will now be signing all of his homework so that she knows I know what he is working on and what to help him with. I will also be receiving an email from her letting me know daily if his homework is turned in or not. Miraculously he has started paying more attention in class. I guess the stern talking to helped. I feel so relieved. I was so afraid my 8 year old was going to flunk out of 3rd grade.

Saturday was Hannah's third birthday. I had her little best friend's Mom drop her off here at 8 am for a morning full of surprises. I loaded them up in my truck and started driving. They hadn't a clue where we were going. When we pulled into my work they thought we were just stopping to grab something. Little did they know what was in store for them.

We settled in for some breakfast. When they were done eating they were eager to get on with the surprise for the day. I told them to hang tight for a bit and we would get going. About that time Santa pulled up outside the window in a horse drawn carriage!! It was like a kiddie rock concert. So many little kids jumping up and down screaming!! It was awesome!! Made my grinchie heart grow 3 sizes that day lol. Santa came in and read them stories and sand songs, told jokes and such. Hannah was a bit scared of him but warmed up to him eventually. Then it was picture time. Too cute! We had brought in a sleigh with red velvet seats the night before. The picts were adorable.

We went out for a sleigh ride after that. It was so beautiful I can't describe it and do it the justice it deserves. It was snowing huge beautiful snow flakes and we were being pulled around on the fresh snow by two beautiful white percheron stallions. It was breathtaking. Me and my girls.

Since she didn't have a full blown party we drug the special day out by letting her open a present every few hours. The highlight of the day was the last gift. Her Dora playhouse. She has slept in it every night since then.

That's all I have the patience for now. More later, and picts! :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2005


I could have swore a while back AOL came out with this new version that was able to filter spam and block pop-ups with a few easy clicks of the mouse. That worked great for a while. I wonder if they could tell me how to block the pop-ups they allowed in. You know the ones they make millions off of?

Nothing irritates me more than finding something I really want to check out and having some blinky, flashing, neon colored GIF blind me the second I open up the page.

I would love to just say screw you AOL!!

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