Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Are we there yet?

3 pounds of sugar, some water and my kitchen floor = 1 pissed off Mom and 3 kids banished to their rooms

76 more days until school starts!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Obama clinches the nomination...

A few observations about the rally here in St. Paul tonight.
Let me make it clear in case there was any doubt. I am not an Obama supporter. I am really torn who to throw my vote behind in November as of this exact moment. Having said that....
Barack could have told his supporters at the rally that he eats kittens every morning for breakfast and the crowd would have roared like it was the most brilliant thing anyone has ever said. What is up with that? Did any one in the building hear what he said? He made a whole big speach about how the black are oppressed, how brilliant Hillary Clinton is (amen!!) and all the things he won't do in office. What about what he will do? For once I would love to hear him go in to depth about what he plans to do. He doesn't plan in being in Iraq for a hundred years. How long does he plan to be there? He plans on universal health care. How? How is he going to fund it? I for one could care less what he isn't going to do. I want more from him than big talk and a roaring crowd. I hope I get that in time to make my decision in November. The way it is looking now I am voting Ron Paul. Is he even still running? Maybe I will just write in Hillary!

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