Thursday, April 30, 2009

What if I can't think of a clever title?

This morning while getting the kids ready for school I had a whole post worked up in my head. Now I can't even remember the topic. That is so buggy!!

Earlier this week I went and took the placement tests for my little adventure back to college. I did really well on the English part of the tests, not so much on the math part. I was half a point away from being a certified mathtard. Four points away from a perfect score on English. Now I am waiting on my award letter to find out if I can get student loans. If all is well I start June 1st. Yay!! Even more yay is the day I get the letter saying I can get loans I am running right out to the local best buy and buying a new camera. Exciting!
In other news, Tuesday morning my Uncle Jack had a heart attack. I dig my Uncle Jack. Family lore says that back in the day he grew a pot plant in my Grandma's flowerbed. She never knew what it was but liked it because of the pretty flowers. I will never know if that's true or not but come on, what a great story. Right now, as I type this, he is under the knife having bi-pass surgery or is it by-pass surgery? Either way if you could all say a prayer that he comes through okay and has a speedy recovery. My Grandpa died of a heart attack. My Uncle Kenny has had a few and is still hanging around doing his thing. Now Uncle Jack. He is so ornery I'm sure he will be fine.
That's about it for my part of the world. Tim tagged me for a meme but if he thinks I am taking a picture of myself preshower, makeup and hair he is smokin' some crack. His new name should be Oh Cracktain. Ha!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Love and Marriage the Human Edition

This is a subject I wasn't sure I wanted to touch upon but it is one I feel very passionately about. My intent isn't to offend anyone here and if you are offended by what I am about to say then this isn't the blog for you. I hope you can open your mind and your heart and see beyond yourself. :)

Today is the first day that two people of the same sex can walk into a court house in Iowa and apply for a piece of paper that says they have the same rights in each others lives as their opposite sex counterparts. That, to me, is one of the most wonderful things that could ever happen. Imagine, Iowa (and two other states) are allowing human beings basic rights that most other human beings are already allowed to enjoy. The right to share medical insurance and medical power of attorney, a piece of paper that allows them to own half of each others shit.

In Iowa people no longer have to meet under an arch in any room but a church to promise to spend the rest of their lives together and then walk away having signed nothing and making nothing legal. Now, they can meet in a church and promise that maybe one day they can pay a man thousands of dollars to undo what is written on a scrap of paper just like the rest of us can.

Who would have thought little Iowa was such a progressive thinking state? I now pronounce you husband and husband. Iowa ROCKS!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

To: My Mommy (and their granny grunt)

Happy Birthday Mom!! I hope you are enjoying your day!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Sometimes I really hate Minnesota, like today. I live in a new division with very few trees and very few fences. My yard is a wind tunnel of sorts. While downstairs doing laundry I heard a huge crash. I seriously thought someone was in my kitchen since all the animals were hanging out with me, begging for food. It wasn't an intruder. Just the wind. This is what I found. Holy hell. Thank goodness I have a spare.

The top picture was taken when the screws were still semi holding it onto the deck.

Like how my poor light is just hanging there. The thing turned inside out so the hook it is supposed to be hanging on is pointing up in the air. The light is hanging by the cord that was zip tied onto the frame.

What remained after I unhooked it from the deck railing and threw it over.
Funny thing is, last weekend Shawn was complaining that I put the top back on since the framework would need to be moved so we can refinish our deck. Well mother nature took care of that little problem for him!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I know, I know. Two consecutive days of posts. Who woulda thunk it?? I actually have a surplus of photos to share right now so I better get to it. (Remind me I said this next winter)

Today while I was out and about I drove past this lovely lady. I slammed on my breaks, whipped my car around and waded through the weeds to get this shot (and many more). She was so photogenic. I ended up taking 77 photos throughout the day. Not so bad considering it has been ages since my camera has seen that much action.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Its widely known amongst my family that I have a shoe fetish (I have a sock thing too, owning hundreds of pairs, that's a different post). My sister in law would even say that I have an ugly shoe fetish, I prefer to call the shoes I buy trendy so we disagree. She has gone as far as calling me from the store and saying "hey I found some Shelly shoes" my reply is always "ugly huh? I'm sure I would love them". It has become a huge joke. Ha ha!
Its true, I love shoes, even ugly ones but growing up in a house with 5 kids and no disposable income I came by most of my shoes from the Payless sales rack. I was cool with that and as a matter of fact Payless is still one of my favorite shoe stores. Of course I have expanded my horizons a bit to include DSW. They have cheap shoes too. So, it is no surprise that never in my entire life have I ever spent more than $60 on a pair of shoes. Before my last pair of Avia's I had never spent more than $40. Until last week, when I ordered these beauties up and forked over my credit card number. I had a bit of sticker shock but I quickly closed my eyes and hit enter and these little beauties arrived today. Aren't they pretty!!! That's a statement not a question. I may never actually use them for what they are meant for, running, because I don't want to wear them outside and muck them up. Maybe they can just be really expensive house slippers.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

This is what sunny and 78 looks like in Minnesota

If Sunday is the beginning of a new week then yesterday was the close of one of the worst weeks I have had in ages.

Monday was fabulous, don't get me wrong. I spent the entire day spring cleaning and organizing our downstairs. I sorted through things that haven't been touched in years. I dusted, vacuumed and scrubbed the living areas down there into submission. Plus it was the day that, just like Jesus, my friend died and was brought back from the dead. Thank God I had all that cleaning to keep my mind from wandering to far down the path of thinking I nearly lost a third of one of my favorite groups of friends and all that would mean in my life.

Tuesday is when the crappy week really began. I was super tired and super sore. I chalked it up to too much cleaning and rested for the day.

Wednesday hit my like a mack truck. I was in so much pain I couldn't move without wanting to scream and the commencement of water works. All that yoga and cleaning put the icing on my already injured back. Off to the chiropractor with me. The second he adjusted my neck I got one of the worse headaches I can ever remember in my life. Yikes!

Thursday I went back for more chiropractor torture and to be perfectly honest was quite possibly the worst day I have ever had in my life short of the days I lost some important people in my life. The shit storm just wouldn't end. Like a dumbass I tried to take the labbie for a walk right after I left the chiro table. Dumb ass idea number one. She drug me all over the river bottoms chasing the scent of every rabbit who ever hopped along the path. This caused further wrenching of my back. It is also the day Shawn announced he would be taking a $3.60 an hour pay cut. Commence with the holy fuck thoughts. I had a small tiff with my girlfriend which exacerbated my crappy day. Add on top of that I received an email from my uncle letting me know that my 90 some year old grandmothers body was no longer responding to dialysis and they would be removing her cath and stopping dialysis. It will only be a few weeks and she will be gone. After reading that email I put my head in my hands asked Shawn if the day could get any worse and sobbed into the soft fur of the labbie who caused me so much pain earlier in the day.

Friday I woke up with a sinus pressure headache from hell. A combo of all the crying and the pollen I sucked in on my traipse through the river bottoms. I tried extra strength tylenol, mucinex D and my netti pot. When all of those combined had no effect I hit my bed and slept nearly the entire 80 degree day away. I did wake up feeling enough better that I was able to help the kids put up the trampoline and get the top on the gazebo. I grilled steaks, watched a bit of television and soaked in the jacuzzi tub before getting back into bed at 9. All in all I was awake far less than I was asleep that day.

Yesterday Shawn and I took the girls shopping, worked in the yard a bit and painted the trim on the house. Last night we played cards with some very fun people. It was the perfect end to my shitty week.

In other news....Sky slept over at a friends last night!! It is the first time she has actually stayed without us picking her up before 11. I am so happy for her. She's growing up!

The serial killer is on the loose again. I discovered two victims under the deck today. A headless bird who's head was found on the other side of the house and a headless baby bunny who's head has yet to be found. I put a collar with a bell on him but he is still just too sneaky. Fucking cat.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

And the winner is.......

There were a few snafu's along the way with this giveaway. Like someone decided to leave several comments which I don't think is fair so, only one of that persons comments count as an entry. My numbers were 6 and 13. Since there was no comment number 13 I threw the remaining names into a hat and drew.

The winners are........

(insert drumroll here)

Kat and Deb!!

Send me your mailing addresses and your pick of picture and I will get them sent to the printer.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Because Everyone is Doing It!

I am feeling rather generous today. Because of that I have decided to do a giveaway!!

Here is the scoop:

Leave me a comment on this post, it doesn't have to be anything specific, a hello will work.

I will pick a few random numbers, right now. If your comment is one of those numbers you win.

For every 10 comments one prize will be awarded.

The prize you of my prints in a 5x7 size. You choose. You can choose any print at my Etsy store OR any photo found on this blog barring I still have the full size file and the print isn't of a person. If you have the hots for my husband or best friend...sorry. No people.

The contest ends Thursday April 16th at 9 am EST.

Get to commenting people!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Today's post is two-fold.

Happy Easter! I hope you all have the opportunity to eat lots of Peeps and enjoy your family!

Second I would like to say Happy Birthday to my Jill, my best friend, my amigo, my pal. You get the idea. Run over and give Cat mad birthday love!!

PS. Sorry about the coloring on the egg that says "happy". Try getting your kids to leave the eggs in the dye long enough. Go ahead, I dare ya!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter Eve

Happy Easter Eve everybody!
It couldn't have been more beautiful today. We spent the entire day outside working in the yard (the kids played) and visiting with our new neighbors. Spring has finally sprung!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Mission Complete

One hundred days ago I made my new years resolution to post a picture here every single day for one hundred days. I really needed blog fodder at the time but mostly I did it to challenge myself artistically and creatively. I accomplished all of those things and so many more.

I don't plan to stop posting pictures every day because I have really enjoyed it. I just won't feel bad if don't!

Happy 100 to me! :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009


I spent hours yesterday bitching and moaning about being sore from Yoga. Several times Ed declared how easy Yoga is. Big mistake kiddo.

I decided to have him do some poses. Ha!

After nearly an hour of trying to get into downward dog he almost got it. The important thing though is I got to laugh at him and let him know that no Yoga is not easy. Plus I got some pictures that will someday be very useful. I am thinking maybe on his wedding day I will make a slide show and this picture will be included.
Notice how he just cannot get his heals down? Hey this stuff is easy. Yeah right.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Wow its 1:40 and I'm just now posting. In all honesty, I forgot.

I have been so busy today and so incredibly exhausted.

I had to fill out my FAFSA for college. What an ass pain. That took quite some time.

I had to do what every other Mom in the world has to do, pick up after the hurricanes that ripped through my house this morning before school.

Not to mention I am moving at a snails pace today. Just a word of warning to all of you who may not know better. Do not skip several weeks of Yoga and then dive right back in without first warning your body that you are about to punish it within an inch of its life.

I wanted to go ride my bike to try to work the knots out of my legs. The temperature is 40 degrees. Forget about it. Brrrr.

If I didn't know better I would swear I have PMS. I am going to take a nap. Vacuuming can wait.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Busy Bee

Today is promising to be very busy.

This afternoon I have an appointment with the admissions office at our local tech college. I am exploring going back to get my photography degree.

Ed has decided to go to prom this spring and needs to go rent a tux. I have no idea how I will fit that in to my day since the rental store is only taking prom tux rentals from 5-7 PM.

The girls have dance at 6, I have Yoga at 6:30.

Busy, busy day.

Monday, April 6, 2009


What in the hell? I want to know what kind of nation we live in where there can be multiple mass killings in a week and they have become so common place that people barely bat an eye.

What kind of society have we created that people treat violence like they are watching a movie? You cannot kill 13 people and yourself then hit the power button, reload the game and try again.

There has to be an end to this insanity. We as a nation need to stand up and start noticing what is going on around us. The neighbors of the man who shot all 5 of his children and later himself, said they heard him screaming at his children often and had called CPS several times. It makes me wonder what CPS found when they investigated.

Some blowhole was on CNN last night saying these things happen back to back because people see the coverage on television and it is easy to then see oneself in that scenario, killing random innocent people as a way to take control back of their life. Bullshit. Never once have I watched the coverage and thought hey I could pull that off. Every single time I see something so shocking and violent I get sad, then mad and I wonder what the hell went on in that killers mind.

We all as mankind need to stand together and stop allowing these things to happen. Stop romanticizing mayhem and murder on television, on the big screen and in video games. There is not reset button for real life.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Gobble Gobble

Today Cat and I made our semi-annual shopping trip to the largest craft fair in the midwest. As always I spent too much money on too many useless things. Its always fun though. I noticed this year though that the number of shoppers was way down as were the number of items carried by those shoppers. This damn economy is killing everything. In years past their are always so many people that the only way through is to elbow and shove. Not so much this year. We made it through the whole thing in a little over an hour which is about an hour and a half shy of what it normally takes.

On the way to lunch we saw the coolest thing! Cars stopped on the highway because of turkeys! Cat counted 19. I of course pulled over and whipped out my camera. They were a ways off for what my zoom can do but I wanted to share anyway.

Now I am going to take a nap. Zzzzzzz.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Because of some military clearance things that needed done I was able to spend the entire day with the teen yesterday. It was awesome having an whole day to spend with him with no distractions.

On the way home from the cities he suggested we go for a hike at this park he knew of so I could get some pictures. He directed me how to get there. It was unbelievable when we arrived. The very place he wanted to go was the old farmstead of my husbands grandparents. The county bought the land years ago, rehabbed the buildings and made it a park. I have been wanting to go explore the place for months. Unfortunately we didn't make it in far enough to get photos of the buildings. I did however get to play with my camera a bit and explore the settings to see what I could come up with.

The picture above is part of that playing. I purposely tried to make the bottom of the picture out of focus. It wasn't mean to be featured on any of my websites but I think it turned out kind of interesting and decided to share.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Fat Robin

I took my first fat robin pictures of the year yesterday. Fat robins really drive home the fact that spring is on the way. This particular fat robin was in the top of a very large tree, the zoom on my camera was all the way extended. If you enlarge the picture you will see all the buds on the tree are about to explode!

We had mommy and daddy fat robins make nests under our deck several years in a row. I always took great care to keep the kids away from the nests as to not spook the parents. Then the damn cat got out. No more fat robins. They seem to be his favorite snack. Sky did get to take a nest full of eggs in one year for show and tell due to the parents being viciously murdered by the damned cat.

I haven't seen a single fat robin in our yard this spring. They remember the murderous feline lives here. We do however have those fuckers that build their nests under the eaves of our house. They are right above our living room window and my office window. It is hilarious watching Linus slam himself into the window several times a day trying to get to the birds. He is getting a belled collar this year so the poor little rodents and birds can hear him coming.

It really is the small things in life that entertain me.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Better than Starbucks

For the very first time this entire school year all of the kids rode the bus on the same day! I saw everyone out the door, laid back down and slept until 7:30. It felt just like a Saturday!

I didn't get into the shower until 9 where I promptly lost my navel ring down the drain. There goes my perfect morning. Now I have to drive 30 freakin' miles to buy a new one. Oh wait! There's an old one! Perfect morning back on.

It's roughly 9:30 and I am just now having coffee. Yep perfect morning on. Well, at least until I have to go to the hell house and supervise the cable guy. Yes, I do do it all.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

And the Award Goes To.......

I love how this looks like a mirrored image

Why is it when you really want to take a picture the batteries are always dead? It snowed last night just enough to look really pretty. I went to my favorite barn (where the horses live), I had just put fresh batteries in yesterday. I lifted my camera to power up and nothing. I didn't have any spares with me since I thought I was fully charged and ready to go. I had a near panic attack thinking maybe my camera was dead. I have a full replacement warranty on it but that takes time and I can't be camera-less for that long. Thank goodness fresh batteries did the trick.

Today is April Fools day. I got 2 out 3 kids with the whole school is cancelled today bit. Hannah fell hard just seconds after I proclaimed it to be April Fools Day. Ed fell victim a few minutes later. Skylee didn't bite at all. Yeah right Mom was her response. If you pull off anything good today I want to hear about it. Miss Catherine tries and fails to get me every year. I am just too darned clever. She hasn't even tried yet this year.

Today is the day I am giving another award away. Here goes...

The rules:

1~ I share with you seven things that I love

2~I nominate seven other bloggers for the honor

  • I heart turtles. They make me really happy and I have been known to sit for hours in front of their tank and observe them.

  • Mexican food. Oh my goodness! No one makes Mexican food like they make it back home in Wyoming. Every trip back home I have to get my fill several times before I head back to Minnesota.

  • My Mom's cooking. She makes all this wonderful German comfort food.

  • Summer and everything that goes with it. Camping, gardening, weed pulling, walks, bike rides, mowing the lawn. All of it.

  • Reading. I would die if I couldn't read.

  • Pogo!

  • No list would be complete without the top thing I love. My family. My kids, my husband, my Mom, my sissy and most of my brothers! Ha :)

Onto the seven bloggers

  1. Bobbie Leigh at Welcome to BobbieLand

  2. Lisa at Wearing My Heart on my Sleeve

  3. Chris at Text Imps

  4. Oh Captain at The life and thoughts of a midwest geek

  5. Bobby G at The G-Spot

  6. Jeanne at The Raisin Chronicles

  7. The nameless Only a Movie (Leave me your name! lol)

Please stop by and check these awesome bloggers out! You won't be disappointed, I promise!

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