Monday, August 22, 2005


I watched a documentary on A&E about Meth tonight. It shook me to my very core. Me ex was a meth abuser. We had our house raided by DCI and he went to jail for 3 months for what was found. I still can't decide if I was supportive or stupid during that time. Whatever the reason I stuck around. Things were going well (or so I thought) until 3 months before our wedding I found out he was still using heavily and was molesting a member of my family. The rug was pulled out from under me, my life was in shambles and I had no idea how I was going to make it through, but make it through I did.

He went to prison for indecent liberties with a minor and revocation of probabtion. He was there for 5 years. I have never heard from him personally since he was released but I heard from some of his friends that he is still using and hanging out with a worse crowd than he was before he went to jail. I feel bad for him, he was a nice guy with a ton of potential. Now he is just another victim of meth. I pray that he gets clean and gets his life together. He is missing out on so much in life. He has grandchildren now that he has no contact with as well as no contact with his children.

Meth is bad news that has this country by the balls. It is cheap, easily obtained and is one hell of a high. That high isn't worth all that it costs. I am glad I never got seriously sucked in. I did a line every now and then and partied like a wild child but eventually every child has to grow up and move on. I am thankful I realized this, I only wish he would have as well.


Sunday, August 21, 2005

24 Hours

What an interesting and thouroughly frustrating 24 hours it has been.

I had a fairly uneventful night at work last night. For those who don't know I am a career server lol. Decided to get my drink on and eventually my groove on with hubby last night when I got home. We invited the neighbors over for a fire on the deck and a few drinks. I always love drinking with the neighbors. They are a total blast!! We partied until about 1 am and decided to head in for a little love lol. There is nothing quite like playing Go Fish for sexual favors he he! Plus after I give it up I get to sleep in the next morning. What more could a girl ask for??

I had to work tonight and that is where the frustration comes in. I'm not sure if I actually go to work or just to an older version of high school. Drama, drama! Our manager is boning the hostess which has caused drama major. Add to that our kitchen staff forgot how to cook tonight causing major food delay's and some seriously pissed off servers and guests. One girl had $400 in sales and made $17. 17 Bucks!! WTF??

I am really quite frustrated with the chefs at our 4 star restaurant. I think we should change it to 4 polka dots and call them clowns. If anyone wants to see the web site for where I work LMK. I'd be more than happy to share.

::sigh:: What a night.




Friday, August 19, 2005

Cable TV shows

Is anyone watching Being Bobby Brown?

He is a riot, rather immature and too eager to make his wife happy but a riot nonetheless. Whitney on the other hand is a fruitloop. What happened to that beautiful woman with the amazing body and soulful voice? She is rude, crude and obnoxious. I feel sorry for their kids. Their parents aren't very good role models.

Is anyone watching Over There on FX? It has to be the best newshow on television in ages. I get all settled in to watch it and in what seems like 5 minutes it is over. Enthralling show to say the least. If you haven't watched it try and tune in Wednesday nights.

Nip/Tuck is back in a few weeks!! Whooohooo!! I can hardly wait!!

Thursday, August 18, 2005


This is my first entry so I should share a bit about me before I get to the meat and bones of my entry.

I have 4 children ages 14, 8, 5 and 3. This entry is going to be about my 14 year old son.

He (14 yo) is experiencing his first serious relationship. Him and my husband and very open with each other and he mentioned to my husband about making out with his girlfriend. ::gasp:: I decided it was time for hubby to have the sex talk with him. He explained about condoms and STD's. Hubby made it very clear that we aren't giving permission for him to have sex just that we wanted him to be well informed about everything.

Tonight he was on the phone with his girl and as they were hanging up my son tells her "love you too"!! I am so not prepared for this. He is only 14 for heavens sake. Then I remember what I was up to when I was 14 and I get scared. He is still a baby to me. Yep! He is still a baby.


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