Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The 'Hood

Argh! Argh! Argh! These sweet little children of mine are driving me to drink. 3 weeks and the little darlings will be back in school where they belong. Hallelujah!! They are in their rooms right now chanting "we're not tired". I should go back there, then they would be chanting "we have sore butts". lol

Last night I was sitting out by the pond with a few friends, we were visiting and watching Blade catch minnows. I heard this chink sound but really loud. I said what was that and looked up. Holly points at the little demon spawn that lives next door and said he just threw rocks. They bounced off the window down into the pond. If there are two things I am protective of (besides my kids) it is my windows and my turtle. I yelled at the kid to not do it again. He took off running into his yard. I thought good I scared him, hell no he was going back for more rocks. He comes running back into my yard and I tell him to not do it. He raises his arm, his Mom is standing 10 feet away, he pulls back and is about to let them fly. I am thinking hell she is watching and isn't going to say anything so I decide to defend my property and my sweet little turtle. I quickly grab his arm and yell at him that I told him no. I told him get out of my yard and don't come back. Mom still says nothing so I push him out of the yard. Man I was pissed. So now I know 2 things about Hmongs. 1) there kids are potential thieves and 2) they let the monsters do what they want. I am going to stick up a no trespassing sign. I guess the kid was spotted taking some shit out of my garage. I am going to write a letter to the parents letting them know that I would appreciate them keeping their children out of my yard and if he trespasses after I put the sign up I will press charges. I mean wtf?? What do I have to do to protect my home from a 4 year old?? lol

This weekend we had such a good time. Friday night we partied like rock stars. Nathan was in town. It was so fun to see him. Tige got buck ass naked and posed on Alex's motorcycle. I about died laughing, not cause he was naked on the bike but because it was my husband taking the shots!!! There were more booby pictures and bare ass Tige pictures than there should have been. Felix ended up ripping a nipple ring out. Ouch!! It was Alex's birthday and he celebrated. He ended up in the shower trying to sober up from 2 am until 7 am.

Saturday Shawn went to Scott's bachelor party and I went back over to Holly and Tige's. I said I wasn't drinking and I wasn't showing my boobs. I had to work Sunday morning and I hate going in hung over. Yeah right!! I did a few shots and then started in on the Captain Coke's. After that the boobs started coming out. Shawn and the guys got there and then there were even more body parts to show off. The highlight of the night was all 20 + of us lying in a circle on the garage floor so Tige could take a picture of us. He said show your boobies, so we did. Guys too! lol. I came home at 4. Finally fell asleep at 6. I was just to keyed up to sleep. I found out last night that Tige and Nathan ended the night on Alex's boat taking naked pictures of each other. Fags you ask?? No, brothers!! Weirdo's!!

There was so much more and I know I will want to remember it but most is fuzzy. We played ring of fire all night, kick ass game!! Laura was trying to act prude but ended up showing more goodies than anyone else. She crossed the line but oh well. I decided to show off some Pilate's moves. Crazy pictures taken there. I was dressed. Tige whipped his weeny out and smacked Shawn in the back. A crazy night was had by all. I sure as shit hope no one that knows the neighbors read this blog!

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

One should never mess with a Mom. Especially one that becomes as ferocious as a mama bear when she feels one of her cubs are in harm. That is just what happened to this mama bear and her cub today.

I had just pulled in the drive from picking up some lime for the yard, ran in to drop my stuff in the foyer before going back out to help Shawn drop lime on our grass. Hannah was babbling about Matthew, Skylee was babbling about Matthew then Ed came up and said some coherent things about Matthew getting beat up and he was going to take care of it. I took one look at Matthew with his swollen face and I told Ed that there was no way in hell he was taking care of anything because I was doing so first.

I made a bee-line passed my husband who looked puzzled and said you look mad, what's up. I didn't answer, I was on a mission. I rang the doorbell at Cade's house and told his Mom what was up. She got pissed right away too and told me Cade wasn't there, he was at Levi's. I said that's where I was headed and she followed.

We made it over to Levi's house, heard the 3 little boys stories in which they said one older boy encouraged it which prompted Cade's Mom and I demand that boy be brought out now. We drug similar stories out of the bunch of boys but only one was talking, the rest were agreeing or adding little tidbits.

Cade was made to appologize to Matthew. Later his Dad came over to check on Matthew and make sure he was okay and so we could cross check our stories before anyone got the punishment coming to them. We still don't know exactly what happened. Matthew says the 3 little guys and Barrett the older boy were all hitting him. Cade says Matthew hit him first and he hit him back but that Barrett encouraged it. Regardless Matthew will not be hanging with these particular boys again for a while. He could have really been hurt if it was 4 boys punching on him, one being 13.

I sent Ed over to deal with Barrett. He had to contain himself from pissing his own pants when Ed got in his face. I know I shouldn't have sent Ed over but I surely would have went to jail for what I would have done to the kid had I dealt with his sorry ass.  

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