Friday, June 30, 2006

Ya know, I pull this page up and stare blankly at it quite often. Why is it so hard for me to find something to say? I am, in my opinion a great conversationalist. I know when to talk and when to listen. I say something funny at just the right time. I never run out of stuff to talk about. I am a walking list of topics to discuss. Yet, nothing to say here. What gives?

I could tell you about my garden, wait, I already did that.

I could tell you about my job, been there, done that.

I could tell you about my kids, yep, check.

What to say?

I went garage saleing today. I found this bargain of an ab-roller for a buck!! Hubby says, another exercise thingie? Yeah, but this one works. I use it at the gym, here, feel my abs. Maybe you should use it a bit more. Ouch!

I also got a hair cut today, well if you call it that. I have been going to this girl Hannah for quite some time. Last time I was in was March. She absolutely butchered my hair. I have been putting off the dreaded hair cut since then. I wanted to give her another chance since she has always done a wonderful job. Everyone has a bad day, it just sucks she chose to have one the day I was in. I bit the bullet and had her take an inch off. No one noticed. Good hair cut!

I am so sick of the Star Jones/Rosie O bullshit. Rosie did not run Star off, she did that all by herself when she turned into bridezilla. Things like this don't just happen over night. Hello people!! I am a huge Rosie fan. She is funny and thoughtful, she is a wonderful Mother and does great things for her children's charity. What has Star the Diva done good for anyone besides herself? I have been reading the View message board. It never ceases to amaze me what ignorant hate filled people there are left in this world. I have repeatedly read that people can't stand her because she is a fat lesbian. Hmmmmm. Haters?

I closed at work tonight, fun stuff. He had the evil demon manager lady on tonight. Thank goodness I have the go ahead to manage myself and to ignore what she says. That woman might make me lose my mind eventually.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

My Crazy Life....

Life is crazy or so it seems. I can never stop running. I thought summer was supposed to be laid back, no? Crazy.

I was sooooo sick for so long.I ended up getting a month behind in life, it's hard to lose a month. One definitely notices. Once I was healthy I had to play catch-up. The yard hadn't been touched so I had to spend lots of time weeding and planting. It was okay though. I finally had the energy.

I love working in the yard. I am one who loves weeds to grow just so I can pull them. My garden actually looks beautiful!! There is nothing quite like plucking the first cucumber off the vine, cutting it up and popping it in the mouth. Heaven.

I got some landscaping done in the yard. I dug up my flower bed around thee tree, added hosta's and shrubs. I topped it off with mulch. It looks gorgeous.

Shawn and I put a picket fence up for Clara. She hates it, I love it!

I just squished my first mosquito of the season.

Ed went to North Carolina with his Dad the first 2 weeks of June. He had a fabulous first trip to the ocean. Mom had a fabulous break from the teenager. A great time was had by all.

My Mom was forced back to work today after her knee replacement surgery. They made her go back two weeks early or lose her job. She has no balls to stand up for herself. I would have told them to keep their job. She went in yesterday to get her schedule, the deli manager said she wished she wasn't coming back. She then preceded to tell my Mom what a hateful bitch she was before the surgery and how no one could stand her. My Mom tried to explain how much pain she was in. The boss said it was beyond pain, she is just a bitch. Well hell if I was invited to not go back I wouldn't. There again, no balls. How did I come from that woman? I am so outspoken. I refuse to allow anyone to walk on me.  Not my Mom. She lays out the welcome mat.

The kids did 2 weeks of summer school. They started crying the second I told them they were going, 2 weeks before school got out and continued until the morning of the first day. I had ruined their summer. Blah, blah. They loved it!! They were so sad when the session ended. Hah! Mom knows best. Now they are up my ass, driving me crazy.

I just got my first mosquito biteof the season. Dammit! Ouch!

I am signing off now to go get some bug spray so I can sit in my chair. Ouch, ouch, ouch!

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