Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My itty bitty baby toe

Have I ever blogged about the time I broke my pinkie toe? I don't think so.
It was back when I was in college the first time, I was helping my friend Kasey who was a vet tech with the horses. She asked me to walk this mare for her so I haltered her up and led her out into the corral to walk her a bit. We had barely made it out of the stable when she stepped on my foot. It hurt like heck but I kept walking her and she stepped on me again. This time the pain was more than I could bare. I had Kasey finish walking her. We loaded up and headed back into town and stopped at our friend Dan's house. I finally took my ropers off to look at my foot, it was so swollen I could barely get my boot off. My poor baby toe was broken, my foot was swollen and eventually turned all sorts of pretty colors.
I have no idea what made me remember that story. Odd how my mind works some times.

I am in the midst of midterm week at school. I made it out alive today and aced my first exam. It's tomorrow's that I am nervous about. I have an A in that class but I was looking over the study guide and realized I don't know half of what is on there. I hate feeling like a moron so I shed a few tears and got down to studying. I didn't figure anything out but I tried. Tomorrow morning I plan to go in early and ask some questions. Tonight I'm sure I will have nightmares about color theory, color space and color profile but I am determined to do well tomorrow.
I'll let you all know. Later.......

Saturday, October 17, 2009


I earned the Mom of the Day award because I was able to remember Bode, Blue, Max, Sedare Cromwell, Zak, Tayna, Noah and Cupid.
The names of all Skylee's webkinz. Thank goodness Hannah didn't ask. I can't remember what hers are called.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Decade

Today you are 10 years old, double digits, a decade old. Can you believe it? 10 years ago today my dream of having a daughter came true and the Lord blessed me with you.

In the last ten years you have grown from a pimply newborn who cried non stop for the first few days until Grandma discovered you really liked to be swaddled into a happy baby girl who loved to go for walks and would sing la la la back at Aunt Jen and I as we walked you all over the neighborhood. You grew from a little girl who no one could understand and wouldn't talk because you were shy about being understood into an outspoken young lady with lots to say and no holds barred when it comes to saying it. You grew from a newborn to a toddler to a preschooler and a kindergartner to the lovely young lady you are right now and I couldn't be more blessed to be your Mom.
You have definitely grown and changed over the decade I have been blessed to know you and I can't help but imagine what the next decade will bring for you. I hope you are always as passionate as you are now, that you continue to stand up for yourself and other when you think things are wrong. I hope you continue to be your sisters best friend and your brothers' biggest pest. I hope you always have a passion for dance, for life, for learning and for fashion but most of all I hope you always want to always be near me, to be my shadow and my mini me while continuing to grow into your own awesome person.
I am just as excited for the next 10 years as I was going into the last 10. Love, Mommy

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