Wednesday, November 29, 2006

WTF is wrong with people??

I am a lot Pms' have been warned.
What in the hell is wrong with people?? Seriously!
I got up this morning with the intention of heading out to have my manicure touched up. On my way out of our little cul-de-sac I ran across crap scattered everywhere. Seems the guy at the end of the block hired some company to reshingle his roof and they decided to do it with the temp hovering at 20 degrees with the wind chills well below zero.
Nothing pisses me off more than garbage blowing around in our neighborhood (okay some things piss me off but this is at the top of the list). So, I stopped and asked the guys if they were planning to clean all the crap up. The ones shrugs and looks at me like no habla english. Dumb ass. I repeat it a bit louder so maybe the guys, oh say, on the roof can hear me. No answer so I say you had better get this stuff cleaned up it's all over the yards. What is the stuff you ask? It's shingles and tar paper. Who I ask again redoes their roof when the wind chill is below zero?
So I had on over to the nail salon. I walk in and Julie my regular nail tech goes and gets some other girl and heads off. SHIT!! It's her lunch break. Great timing dumb ass. Me I mean, not her.
I think this isn't good but it can't be that bad I mean Julie is the best and she hired her right? Wrong!
I tell her they need to be shorter she takes next to nothing off and tells me I don't want them shorter. Then she overlays them so fat I had a half inch thick nail. I tell her thin, I like them thin, she shaves practically nothing off off and tells me it's good.
I am thinking at this point I will just let her finish ask her not to paint them and head to a different salon to have them fixed. I mean obviously she doesn't want to do them the way I want, but then I think the hell if I will pay her to do my nails wrong then pay someone else to fix them so I tell her they are wrong. By this time Julie senses something is up and comes over and tells her how to do them. Julie my saving grace. She gets them almost thin enough and then says oh you like them thin. No shit Sherlock. That's what I told you 3 times!
So she gets them painted and tells me they are dry enough to go., I say I don't think so they still feel tacky. She tells me no, they are dry you go now. So I did and promptly fudged them all up because guess what! They weren't dry!
Next time it isJulie or nobody and guess how long this little excersion took for me to waste my money? An hour, a freakin hour. It takes Julie 20 minutes start to finish with drying time. ::sigh::
On my way home I pull into the cul-de-sac and all of the crap is picked up! I doubt it would have been though had I not bitched.
A few hours later I had to run over and buy some female products, on my way out the yards were covered with shit again. I give up! Tomorrow I will just call in a littering complaint. Dumb freaking people who can't speak english.
I won't even bore you with the details of the jack ass who rolled through the stop sign so they could pull out RIGHT in front of me and go a max speed of 10MPH. Or the $50 power cord I bought for my laptop and it still doesn't work.
This was just a shitty day and I need a glass of wine which I can't have because I have an early morning meeting and if I have wine tonight I won't want to function in the morning. Oh hell, pass me the merlot!

Monday, November 27, 2006

I gotta babble before I burst.
Funny how I have spent so much time running from my past. Trying to escape all the demons, to move on and outgrow that girl I used to be. Running ahead, or so I thought and then slamming firmly into the past I tried to escape. Getting hit with a 2 ton...heavy thing.
I have become a myspace junkie and did some searching of my old high school. Looking to see where the people from my past ended up. How are they all, where are they all? Did I do better for myself than they did? I had such a shady past and so much to prove that I wanted to be out there and show them. I ended up finding an ex, a long time friend as a matter of fact. One of the people who knew me when. I caught up with him and realized although I have changed some things never do. Namely him.
I then found my childhood best friend. She grew up exactly how I knew she would. Beautiful. Everything about her is beautiful. Thinking about her takes me back to a good place, a peaceful place before I set out on my path of self destruction. Finding her led to another childhood friend finding me. Hello past! He is doing so much better for himself than what he could have done and I am proud of him. I really hope he finds somebody to give him back the love he has to give.
Things are looking up on the restaurant front. I found a contractor tonight that I am meeting with at the restaurant on Thursday. Hopefully this works. I really like him. I just hope I can trust him with a large amount of my cash. (Or the banks to be exact.) I have some things to finish up but I am hoping I am going in the right direction. I never imagined chasing my dream would be so stressful. I just hope it all pays off in the end and I have the amount of business the current owner does. I also hope my marriage doesn't fall apart because I will never see my husband again. Hopefully the kids don't start calling the cat Mommy. They will definitely be seeing the cat more than they see me.
Hannah Belle is turning 5 on Sunday. 5!! Who said my baby girl could turn 5 already? What I wouldn't give to rock that sweet little thing and have her look up at me with those big dark eyes. It all goes so fast.
Tonight Skylee wasn't cooperating with Hannah's room cleaning plans and she walked up and told Sky that if she didn't get up and help her right now that she was going to tell all of her friends that she doesn't wear underwear to bed. Where does she get this stuff?? Of course Skylee wears unders to bed. My girls!!
That's enough babbling for now. I am completely exhausted and was already in bed until my baby sis called.
Peace out all,

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The offer has been accepted. 2 months to get everything done before closing. Now the fun begins...

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Okay so we heard back. The terms changed some. I am not impressed but I can live with them. My banker says they look good. Now I have to convince my husband and he can be a hard sell. His initial reaction will be no. Then I will whine and drop so many numbers on him he will feel as if his head will explode. Then I am hoping he will agree just to shut me up. Am I coniving or what??

You have no idea...

In roughly an hour we will know. We will know what the sellers terms are. I could barf. My nerves are on edge. I want to scream. How do you turn time forward?? Everyone wants to turn time back. In one hour my life will hopefully take a change for the better. ::crossing fingers::

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

All we are saying is give peace a chance

I was driving Skylee to dance this afternoon and came across 2 women standing on the side of the rode displaying several signs. 2,387 dead. Out of Iraq now. Honk for peace. So I honked, not only did I honk I layed on the horn and gave them the thumbs up sign. In my mind I am still laying on the horn.


Thursday, November 2, 2006

I am feeling so stressed out and overwhelmed right now. I have a headache that won't subside. I tried the surefire pamprin, chocolate and pepsi and it just didn't work. This is beyond busting I think.

We wrote an offer up last night and it was sent to the sellers broker today. They have to either accept, decline or counter by Wednesday. I can't wait until Wednesday. I am going to have a breakdown. I am anxious, excited and scared all rolled into one.

I feel bad that we are pulling out of Shawn's inheritance early. My MIL is being sucked dry right now. I guess everyone thinks they are entitled to something from her all of the sudden. She has been supporting my SIL for almost a year, Shawn's step sister and brother have racked up debts they can't cover so they are sucking her dry as well. His step brothers ex wife thinks she is entitled to something as well so she has been getting hers too. MIL is happy to give us the money because we are trying to do something to better ourselves with it but I still feel bad. We are paying back what we take out.

I feel so anxious with the waiting. I am not a patient person and I can't handle being told no. I have a feeling my pouty face and feet stomping won't work on these people like it does my husband. I am so screwed.

So, that is where I am at. Stressed. I have a hard time letting my future be in someone else's hands. They have no idea they hold my childhood dream in the palm of their hands.


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