Friday, May 29, 2009


This is what happens when you give Skylee s'mores!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Still playing with the camera, still learning. Over the Memorial Day weekend we took the kids camping at the state park near our house. It was literally raining caterpillars. Skylee collected them all weekend and named every one of them Tim Patenty. She could not pronounce Pawlenty. Dirty little republican she is! I'll work on that. We have 3 of them living in a mason jar in the garage because she is convinced they will cocoon. We'll see.

I start school next Monday so my very limited time will turn into no time. What was I thinking heading back to school in the summer?? I'll try to keep everyone posted on how it all goes when I get the chance.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Curiosity killed the cat...almost

Last Monday morning I woke up and realized the cat wasn't in the house. I figured Shawn or Matt had let him out and he was down at the pong terrorizing small animals. Monday night the cat hadn't came back and I was starting to worry. We have had Linus for five and a half years and he has never taken off for more than a day or so. There was this one time when he got locked in the girls' room when we were out of town but the neighbor who was animal sitting rescued him and we didn't really know he was gone so that doesn't really count. Anyway....
By Tuesday night I was in a full on panic and called the police department and animal control. Neither had picked him up. Wednesday and Thursday came and went with no kitty. This morning I resigned myself to the fact that my ki-ki was gone and wasn't coming back. I briefly thought about throwing out his scratching box and emptying the litter box and putting it away.

This afternoon I had several interviews set up with babysitters, Shawn was trying to pack for camping and the kids were running around like little banshees. Shawn came in and out of the house asking if I knew where things were located. He made it a point not to bug me during an interview though. He had asked for the water cooler and I suggested the ice house. Matt said it was in there because he had put it in there a few weeks ago when he was playing in there. I thought nothing more about it and sat down for the next interview. Shawn came busting through the door to tell me he found a cat in the ice house. My first question was is it a live cat. What a dumb question. If the cat was dead he would have waited to tell me when the kids weren't around and I wasn't interviewing someone. Duh!

He brought Linus in and I'll tell you I am surprised he was alive. Something was wrong with his eye. It was all watery and goobery and his pupils were dilated almost fully. He has lost about 5 pounds. He is shedding like crazy and is a bit skittish. He also couldn't meow. He would open his mouth like he wanted to but nothing came out. I was really worried that we didn't find him in time. Two days this week were up in the 90's. I was sure he had spent too much time out there but he immediately ate and drank and let us all cuddle and fawn over him. His eye has cleared up, he is yowling that Siamese yowl of his, I gave him a good brushing and he seems like his old self minus the big fat belly. We'll work on that this week. The little shit keeps wanting back outside. He didn't learn his lesson!!

Sky is beside herself with happiness, she hasn't left the poor baby alone for even a minute. Linus is her cat and has been since the beginning. Now she can sleep tonight. She hasn't been sleeping well because Linus sleeps with her every night and she was missing him. A girl and her kitty, it's a beautiful thing.

PS. The best we can figure is he crawled through the hole in the floor and when he was in the wood fell back over the whole trapping him. Shawn removed the wood cover so if he goes in there again he won't be trapped. Curiosity

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


This afternoon I took both camera's out to do a few comparison shots. The results shocked me. No wonder I'm so in love with my cute little Sony. My big bulky Sony isn't cutting it with me. I'm sure it is user error and I will get used to it and get better with it but I'll be keeping my little Sony around for comfort and for when I need a good shot.

Both these pictures are straight off the camera's and the only editing I did was for size. What a difference between them!!

The top picture is taken with my spendy new DSLR camera. The bottom picture was taken with my cheap, old, highly reliable point and shoot camera. Both are Sony's.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Insert Swear Words Here

Ever have one of those days? One of those days when nothing is really wrong but nothing is right either? I need to ship two boys off to the orphanage and put two girls in climate controlled bubbles and things would seriously be looking up today.

In other news we survived last week. Dance is officially over and I could not be happier about that! Now our weekly activities are limited to baseball and softball instead of all three. Now to find a babysitter for the summer. I have a few interviews today but I'm not all that hopeful.

Blech. I give up. Nothing good to post.
The picture of the girls was taken after the recital Saturday night. Sky was sick all last week and was just done with the whole deal. Hannah is home with it today.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Me!!

I had a wonderful birthday and to be quite honest I can't remember the last time that happened. The difference this year is I decided to take it into my own hands and not wait for others to make my day a happy one.

I got up and hit a few garage sales. Found a cute Coach Carly handbag for super cheap! Score!! I went and had my hair cut and colored. I love my stylist. She is the best and I love to visit with her. I hit up a few more garage sales on my way to the grocery store. I found a vintage Rainbow Brite doll in the box and a Kimberly doll in the box. I loved both of those dolls when I was a kid and didn't pass up the chance to have them again. I did a bit of research on both dolls and they are worth substantially more than I paid for them. Score again!!

I went and bought myself a cake and stuff for dinner. Ed made both!!
Matt had his first baseball game tonight and they won!
It was a good day. Go me!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


You all have got to see this series of photos. Just amazing!!

I have watched an eagle cam out of West Virginia for the last two years. Apparently a juvenille tried to breah the nest. The series of photos tells the story. Dad's firce protection of his family, Mom bitching at the intruder and the teenaged punk running scared. Amazing photography here!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gratuitous Bitching

I don't really have much to say but I feel the need to entertain the masses. Okay mainly my Mom and Carolyn who get upset when I don't give them reading material. It doesn't matter that I talk with my Mom on the phone every few days and I email with Carolyn every single day. They both want reading material.

So here it is...reading material in the form of some random thoughts.

Why does the dog refuse to come inside with me because he wants to lie in the sun but the second I get up the stairs, plant my ass on the couch and lift up my laptop he starts barking at the door. I am leaving him outside to learn a lesson.

Speaking of dogs, why do my neighbors all insist of having dogs that they leave outdoors all day and night? If you want an animal invite it in and make it part of your family. The dogs behind us are big 80 some pound labs. They bark nonstop all day long in this deep obnoxious bark although the cops have been called on them. They are still out ruining my warm spring days. Today somewhere in the neighborhood a small dog has joined the chorus. His constant yip is just as annoying as the big dogs deep woof.

The neighbors across the street had their first baby last night. He is doing well and I cannot wait to see him. Declan is his name. Cute Irish name.

My dog is still at the door. Shit head.

Why can't it be warm, sunny and not windy at the same time? It is 70 degrees out, cloudy and so windy you can't catch your breath out there.

Why does all the maintenance on this house fall on me? Last fall I was the one stuck sanding the mud on the new drywall and ripping up the laminate flooring and relaying it. BY MY SELF. Now Shawn made a half assed attempt to fix our deck. Which means he took down the wobbly hand railings and burned them. I am stuck stripping all the paint.

Why does it take so long for Dell to build a pc? I ordered it last Sunday. A week and 2 days ago. It is still in production and is scheduled for delivery on June 1st. Ya know. The day I start school and won't be here to sign for delivery.

Why can't it be nice so I can play with my new camera a bit?

Damn dog is still barking at the door.

This will be the girls last year at their current dance studio. I can't say why until after the recital but I'll fill you in next week.

Why do people have to get older on their birthday? Why can't people feel younger on their birthday? Why do we have birthdays?

Why does my oldest son think he is my youngest sons keeper? On a daily basis I have to tell him to knock this shit off. Last night I was about to beat them both. The more the oldest bitches the more the youngest acts like an ass to piss him off. Mom is the one who suffers here.

That's it. I have to give in to the dog so he doesn't drive me insane.

Friday, May 8, 2009


I left the files full size. Please click to enlarge.

On September 4, 1918 my Grandmother was born.
On June 15, 1937 my Grandparents were married.

Yesterday May 7, 2009 my Grandmother went home to be with the Lord.

She spent her life devoted to her savior and I couldn't be happier for her that she is in his loving arms right now.

I was named after my Grandma. Michelle Ruth. When I was a child I hated my middle name. When I was a teenager I realized that it was an honor. I was named after a wonderful woman and couldn't be prouder to share her name.

My Grandparents spent nearly 72 years married to one another. 72 years. That is amazing.

When I was a baby I was doted on and much loved by my Grandma. I was the first granddaughter on the Haldy side in roughly 50 years. To say my birth was a big deal is probably an understatement. Sometime in the 60's my grandparents went on vacation and bought a beautiful set of small dollhouse chairs for their first granddaughter. A girl was desperately wanted. I came along and made that dream come true. I was spoiled rotten. There are several pictures of my Grandma going gaga over me when I was small. They then moved very far away and I didn't get to see them much but they always sent cards and letters to let me know they thought of me often. When I was 10 my Dad graduated from the University. It was a big deal so my Grandma flew out for the occasion. That was the last time I saw my Grandma until last fall. 23 years.

I was waiting in the lobby of the nursing home when my Dad and Uncle wheeled my Grandma out. She saw me and very excitingly said my name "Shelly?" and got teary. A lifetime of love flowed through the hug we shared. It was my turn to dote on her. I spent the day at the hospital with her. She couldn't hear well so I wrote notes and she would respond. Mostly she sat and stared at me and smiled. The hospital was chilly and her hands were like ice. I slipped my 50 cent stretchy gloves on her hands and you would have thought I gave her the best present ever. She stared at her hands and thanked me dozens of times. Its the small things I guess. She tried to give them back and I told her I wanted her to keep them. She said she would wear them and think of me. A pair of cheap gloves brought her happiness. I was blessed to spend that time with her and today I will savor every second of our time together and remember a kind woman who was so full of love.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Still Learning

The whole learning curve thing on this new camera is really challenging. Just about everything I ever learned to do with my old Sony point and shoot has to be erased and relearned with my Sony DSLR. I took this picture this afternoon while trying to figure out how to take macro shots. I am thinking I need to go buy the lens I wanted the other day but I did end up with a few really great shots.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

18 and Life

Click to enlarge

18 years ago today my first nephew was born.

18 years ago today I was 3 months away from having my own baby.

18 years ago today I was only 15.

18 years ago today I was scared shitless after watching my sister in laws labor.

18 years ago today. Holy shit. Where has the time gone?

Happy Birthday Bry!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Shots!

Yesterday afternoon I took the new cam over to the pond behind the neighbors house to see what I could find. I came up with a ton of bird shots. Today I took the cam to the next town over to see how the falls looked. Not too shabby.

Here are some that are fit to share. As always untouched. I can't wait to see what this bad boy can do when I actually learn to use the fancy software that was included.

Monday, May 4, 2009

New, New, New!!

This morning I headed to the local Best Buy. By local I mean almost 40 minutes away from my house. Oh the joys of living in the middle of nowhere. I was on a mission to buy my new camera. Thank goodness I scored!! I bought a Sony Alpha 350. I am in love! Well love with a few exceptions. Never believe a guy who works at BB. He told me the lens that came with the camera would be fine for macro work. I stressed to him how important a macro lens was to me. I explained that the majority of my photos are of flowers and such. No problem he says. The lens that is included will work fine. Dirty liar. I can't get closer than 3 feet to a flower before the subject blurs out and the camera won't take the photo. I would have spent the money on the lens. Jeez. He also told me my memory stick duo would work. He just forgot to tell me I needed an adapter so I had to drive 30 miles to another town to buy a memory card. Yeah I hate living in the middle of nowhere.
I did get a chance to play a bit and take some photos. Mostly of the dog. She likes to pose. I would post those pictures but after running around all day and spending hours trying to figure out how to work the camera I am a bit tired of messing with it and don't have the want to download the pictures off the camera.
Since I am a loser with no life I spent hours online Saturday night building a new computer on Yesterday I ordered it. Why does it take a whole month to build a computer and ship it?? Sooooo annoying. I want my toys now!!
All this money I'm spending better be worth it. I am going to have to kill myself to make good grades and still function as a wife and Mom. I'm sure I can do it but it will be tough at first. Wish me luck!!
PS. The rose was part of Erin's bouquet. I took 50 some pictures of just the bouquet. About 3 are worth sharing lol.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Prom Maddness!

First I want to update everyone on my Uncle Jack. He made it through surgery just fine. He is doing well and should be able to go home Tuesday or Wednesday! Thanks everyone for the prayers. They obviously worked!!
Tonight is Ed's prom. Super busy day! I was up and cleaning at 6:30. I ran errands and then spent the afternoon taking pictures. He and Erin had a blast posing all over the place. I took over 300 photos of them today!! These are just a few of my favorites. It was really hard to choose.
We went to the grand march at the school and watched everyone parade through in their formal attire. It was really fun and everyone looked so nice.

After today I could use a glass of wine and a jacuzzi. Hmmm. Think I am running off to the liquor store.

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