Friday, April 21, 2006


I have so much I want to say but I need to say so much before I get to the one thing I really want to say.

I have been gone for 2 weeks taking care of my Mom who had knee replacement surgery. I left the Sunday before Easter. Long drive. I swear all of the wildlife in a 3 state radius flocked to my truck. I nearly hit a pheasant, several geese and what I think is a blue heron. All before I got out of Minnesota. I dodged antelope and deer the rest of the way.

The girls were so well behaved on the drive. Hannah kept asking where we were and my answer was always in the middle of nowhere. When my Mom asked her how the drive was she replied we were in the middle of no where then we were in a town, we were in the middle of no where then we were in a town. I was cracking up!

The first night we were there we stopped at my brother Kevin's house and visited with my nephews before we went to grandma's. I was shocked at just how bad of shape my Mom was in. She could barely walk. She definitely needed that surgery.

Monday was spent entertaining ourselves while Mom was at work. Kevin and I cleaned and mowed Mom's yard. The girls had a blast being drove all over the yard on Uncle Kevin's riding lawn mower. Uncle Kevin is a God to them. I was going to take Kevin and Traci, Jennifer and Jessie out for lunch but as always as we were arriving at my favorite restaurant my sister got a fire call. Every dam time we try to have lunch together she has a fire call. I met my brother and Traci anyway. I was so dissapointed in the food. What a bummer. I crave that restaurant all year until I go out there again.

Monday we were in bed early for the big surgery the next morning. We had to be there by 5:30. Getting up at 4 am just isn't my cup of tea. Mom was stressed and crabby. What a morning. She went in for surgery and we all set up camp in my Durango. Waiting in the hospital sucks. At least outside we could get out of the truck to smoke. I have pictures of all 8 of us jammed in the 2 front seats of my truck. Hillbilly's we are.

Finally the surgeon came out and let us know that everything went well and they were taking her to her room. The rest of the week until Friday is kind of a blur. I don't know what happened on what days. My Mom's sister who I do not get along with happened to be in Mom's room one time when Traci and I walked in. I stayed on my side of the room and avoided looking at her. She asked my other Aunt for her truck keysbecause "she just cannot stand that girl" meaning me. I thought we were all adults here. I had so much to say but bit my lip and pretended not to hear her because I didn't want to upset my Mom. We visited for a while then went out to smoke. When we came back in Mom was in the midst of a major panic attack. Way to go mouthy bitch Jeanie.

At one point I was so sick of being at the hospital. When Traci and I went out to smoke I was darting through the halls humming the Austin Powers theme song, holding up my hands as a fake gun. I would peek around the corner to see if all was clear. When people would approach is in the hall I would slink behind Traci so they couldn't see me. At one point I peeked around a corner and found the nurse standing there. I squealed and she died laughing. My poor sister in law declared I had escaped from the mental ward and ducked into the bathroom. She said I made her laugh so hard she almost pee'd her pants. It's amazing how a hillbilly amuses themself.

To be  continued.......

Wednesday, April 5, 2006

I wonder if I am ever not frustrated. I swear, life seems to be peeing on me right now.

My laptop is down again. It was working fine when I left last night, when I got home it was done for. Grrrrr. My 14 year old was on it and somehow managed to delete a bunch of system files from windows. I took it to the pc DR today. He told me to reinstall windows on it and I would be good to go. He wanted me to do it myself so he didn't have to charge me $50. It isn't working :( It has been trying to install since 1 this afternoon. I guess tomorrow I will be spending the $50. I just cannot live without my laptop. I leave in a few days for my 12 hour drive and I need it to entertain my daughters on the way.

Does anyone have Vonage? I signed up over 2 months ago and still haven't had my number transferred. Vonage said they made the request for transfer, my phone company said they didn't. I am completely frustrated with both and vowed to both of them if I didn't know what was going on in 48 hours I was cancelling both. I won't know and I probably won't cancel. I need more than just a cell phone with all of these kids.

On a good note, I am out the door to play poker. That always makes me happy. Here's hoping I win!!

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