Thursday, October 30, 2008

Super duper sucky trip to the ER

I generally try not to write much about my kids. I just don't like to to it. They deserve some privacy. Today I am going to break that rule. They have so much going on that I need to purge. Maybe if I write about it I can get some perspective on things.

Last night was like every other night around here. I had just read Hannah a bed time story, given her a nebulizer treatment and cough syrup when the shit hit the fan. She has asthma that is brought on when she has even the smallest of colds. She was completely fine during the story, helping me read the whole thing. Then she started barking like a seal. I had already given her one neb since she has a cold. I didn't want this to get out of hand. Uh huh. I wrapped her up in a blankie and took her outside thinking the cool air would help with the croup. It did not. If anything it just made things worse.

I woke Shawn up and told him I was taking her to the ER. She could not catch a breath for anything and I was seriously afraid she would pass out before we got there. I have never, ever been so afraid and full of panic in my life. I have asthma and took more than one trip to the ER in my childhood. I know what it feels like when you cannot catch a breath and I know how scary it is. Normally when one of the kids has to go to the ER I take them myself, last night I was so afraid for Hannah I made Shawn drive.

When we walked in I told the nurse at the front desk she was having an asthma attack. We were taken immediately to a room and a doctor met us as we were walking in. That freaked me out a bit. They hooked her up to the vitals machine and had her on a epi neb before they even got her name. The doctors and nurses there did a fantastic job with her and with her panicked parents. I was impressed.

She had some xrays and blood work to determine she didn't have pneumonia and was given different steroid treatments to build her lungs back up. As soon as she was feeling better she started acting punchy. Teasing the doctor and nurses and acting like her silly self. The lab lady gave her a stuffed duck named Webby. Her and the lab tech decided it was a dumb name and should be changed. Her name is Trisha now. She was also given a stuffed Kung Fu Panda doll by the nurse. He was allowed to keep his name. She also informed Shawn that he would be sleeping on the couch because she was sleeping with me in our bed. She did end up with us, Shawn didn't end up on the couch but the only one that got any sleep last night was Hannah.

I kept her home from school today so I could keep an eye on her. These children. I just don't know if I will make it through their childhoods in one piece.

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Funny Turtles

Since Miss Fate is a wild girl I try and hold her often to get her used to being handled. When she is larger I want to be able to handle her without her razor claws ripping my hand open. Crazy I know.
Anyway, I took her out a bit ago to play with her. The second I removed her from the aquarium Turts started swimming around looking behind trees, nosing all the hiding places looking for his girl.
The entire time I was playing with her he was having a panic attack. The second I put her back in her swam up to her, put his face right against hers and pawed her pack. Soooo cute! I am so glad I rescued her. He is definitely smitten!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

We got spirit yes we do, we got spirit how 'bout you? Nope not so much

When I was a young pup I lived for cheerleading (and dance but that can be its own post and is quite irrelevant for this topic). Recently my family and I attended our towns Homecoming game. Immediately I looked for the cheerleaders. They are my favorite part of any game or sport from football to wrestling. I getting caught up in the memories of my own rah rahs, high kicks, pyramids and the pure rush of adrenaline. I didn't see any cheerleaders. What? How can that be? All I saw was a cheesy tiger mascot who was trying rather unsuccessfully to rally the crowd. Booo! Give me the short skirts and pony tails!

I started asking around. Does BP have a cheer squad? Nope, we haven't had one in any ones recent memory. Not for at least 10 years or so. How in the hell can that be? Does our school, our town not have any spirit? The opposing team had a whole squad of bouncing, yelling, clapping , pom pom shaking spirit makers. Ooooh I was on a mission.

It has always been my dream my daughters would become cheerleaders when they hit middle school and compete when they were in high school. No such luck unless I do something. So I plan to do something. I have been drafting a letter to the Superintendent of our schools. I plan to offer to organize, fund raise and coach our town into some team spirit.

A school with no cheer squad is like cereal with no milk, Ren with no Stimpy, cable without Tivo, peanut butter without get the idea.

Soon I hope our town can reply HELL YES WE DO!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

SNL Palin Rap

one two three
My name is Sarah Palin you all know me,
Vice president nominee of the GOP
Gonna need your vote in the next election
Can I get a “what what” from the senior section
McCain got experience, McCain got style
But don’t let him freak you out when he tries to smile
Cause that smile be creepy
But when I be vp
All the leaders in the world gonna finally meet me
How’s it go Eskimo
Tell me what you know Eskimo
How you feel Eskimo
Ice cold
Tell me tell me what you feel Eskimo
Super cold
I’m Jeremiah Wright cause tonight I’m the preacha’
I got a bookish look and you’re all hot for teacha’
Todd lookin fine on his snow machine
So hot, boy gonna need a go-between
In Wasilla we just chill baby chilla
But when I see oil, let’s drill baby drill
My country tis of thee
From my porch I can see
Russia and such
All the mavericks in the house put your hands up
All the mavericks in the house put your hands up
All the plumbers in the house pull your pants up
All the plumbers in the house pull your pants up
When I say ‘Obama’ you say ‘Ayers’
Obama. Ayers.
Obama. Ayers.
I built me a bridge - it ain’t goin’ nowhere.
McCain, Palin, gonna put the nail in the coffin
Of the media elite
She likes red meat
Shoot a mull humpin’ moose, eight days of the week [gunshots]
Now ya dead, now ya dead
Cause I’m an animal, and I’m bigger than you
Holdin a shotgun walk in the pub
Everybody party, we’re goin on a hunt
la la la la la la la la [gunshots]
Yo Palin, I’m out!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A few thoughts on Faith

Last night while I was driving home from dropping my Dad at the airport I was sucked into a deep conversation within my own brain. A conversation with the 8 year old me and the 33 year old me. We debated how differently my life might have turned out had my parents stayed together all those years ago. If my Dad could have just had some control over the crippling PTSD brought on from memories of Vietnam.

He is a rock now. Controlled, wonderful, full of advice and love. Not so much back then. For reasons unknown to me, although he was still involved in my life after the divorce he wasn't central in it. I saw him often, then occasionally, then less and less, then not for years at a time. Bitter divorce, distance and an aging daughter are probably the culprits there.

My Mother was exhausted when it came to raising us. I am sure she did her best and to this day I adore my Mother but I have to be honest, it was half assed at best. We all ran over her like she was a rug. 4 out of 5 children didn't graduate high school. I had a baby at 16. She clung to my sister until she decided to grow wings and move out at the age of 23. Mom was lonely, tired and spineless when it came to rearing 5 children.

I wonder how differently things may have turned out for any one of us had they remained together. I know I would have never been allowed to run around the town like a hoodlum, nor have sex, nor give up on high school. My Dad would have never heard of it. I have grown up and made it okay. I have some college education and a shit pile of life education. I made it out okay. I was not doomed to be a welfare Mom like so many teenage mothers are.

I still have to ponder though, how would it have been different? The 8 year old me has some ideas of her own. The 33 year old me isn't so sure.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Hello Blogger!

Now that I am here I guess it is time to say hello. Update this thing a bit. I haven't posted anything at AOL in a looooooong time!

So, Hello Blogger! I really hope I can figure this out.

Now on to things......

My Dad is visiting here from Washington. He is planning to move out here to be closer to the grandkids. We spent this week looking at TONS of homes. Finally made an offer last night. I really hope everything works out!

2 weeks ago my princess turned 9. I swear they HAVE to stop growing. I miss the baby stages. The cute cuddly need Mommy stage. Now all she needs is Mommy to drive her around and buy groceries!

That's about it for now. I will get back into the swing of things soon and write something really worth reading. Promise!

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