Friday, September 3, 2010

Do you ever hear something that instantly makes you think KARMA? Just wondering. You can only be a self centered bitch for so long before it catches you.

I am so full of small thoughts today not small as in small as in I don't have anything lengthy to post on any one comment. Just short snippets. Like.....

I hate when people give my phone number out to their bill collectors. I have enough of my own calling me, I don't want your calling me too. Thank you very much.

Don't you hate when people who have spent their whole life dodging responsibility to their children, who have never done a meaningful thing for them beyond donating their sperm, think their child owes them something?

Sometimes we all need a mulligan in life. To just change the things that are seemingly small that end up to be huge life changing decisions.

Besides those few things that bug me I am doing really well. Loving being back to school and will love it even more when the kids go back. Excited to be taking pictures for a purpose instead of for pleasure again. Loving learning so much more about photoshop.

Yeah...I really got nothing. Have a great day!

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