Wednesday, April 5, 2006

I wonder if I am ever not frustrated. I swear, life seems to be peeing on me right now.

My laptop is down again. It was working fine when I left last night, when I got home it was done for. Grrrrr. My 14 year old was on it and somehow managed to delete a bunch of system files from windows. I took it to the pc DR today. He told me to reinstall windows on it and I would be good to go. He wanted me to do it myself so he didn't have to charge me $50. It isn't working :( It has been trying to install since 1 this afternoon. I guess tomorrow I will be spending the $50. I just cannot live without my laptop. I leave in a few days for my 12 hour drive and I need it to entertain my daughters on the way.

Does anyone have Vonage? I signed up over 2 months ago and still haven't had my number transferred. Vonage said they made the request for transfer, my phone company said they didn't. I am completely frustrated with both and vowed to both of them if I didn't know what was going on in 48 hours I was cancelling both. I won't know and I probably won't cancel. I need more than just a cell phone with all of these kids.

On a good note, I am out the door to play poker. That always makes me happy. Here's hoping I win!!


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