Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Birthday to....Me!

Today is my birthday and I am still so ill I can't even enjoy it. It's a double whammy day. It should have been a great day. The kids tried, Shawn tried, I just can't get into it. I am really tired of being ill.

I went to the doctor on Thursday. She tried to tell me I pulled some abdominal muscles. I told her there was no way, I have done way to many crunchies and sit-ups in my day to mistake the gut tearing pain I have had for two weeks with pulled muscles. Give me a break. She then decided I have some funky bacterial infection and put me on anti-biotic, something that is supposed to reduce all of the acid in my stomach and some nose spray. I guarantee that none of those things are helping.

The neighbor's had a birthday party for me last night. I had 2 drinks and called it good. I really didn't have that much fun. That is sooooo unlike me. I haven't felt like myself in 2 weeks. I am beginning to think this will never end, so tomorrow I am taking my ass back to the doctor and demanding she figure out what is wrong.

On to Mother's Day/Birthday. Hannah woke me up this morning with her sweet little sing song voice telling me Happy Birthday and Happy Mother's Day. When I finally decided to somewhat come to life I found all kinds of goodies covering my bed. My kids are good to me. Shawn laid my presents out on my recliner. He somehow knew it would be the first place I went. Maybe it's because it has been the only place I have been in the last 2 weeks. He bought me a pump for my pond and the Father/Son Willow figure to add to my collection. He did good!

Against my better judgment I decided to go out tonight to play poker. Bad idea. I just couldn't concentrate. 4 hands in and I was out of chips. Oh well, the recliner was calling me and Housewives is on in 5 minutes.


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