Monday, April 21, 2008

One sick puppy

This has been an expensive day to say the least. Ugh.
Sky went to let Clara outside to play with us this morning and came out and said Clara's whole neck was wet and she was shaking really bad. I immediately freaked out and went to check on her. When I got down there she wouldn't even lift her head up. She was shaking but wagging her tail. I coaxed her up off her bed and tried to look at her neck. All I could see was puss so I took her collar off to get a closer look. That's when I was hit by the smell that almost made me pass out. O-M-G! It was horrible.
I tried to get her to go outside with me but she was having none of it. I knew I had to get the crap cleaned off her neck though so I could get a look at it. After what seemed like forever I got her up the stairs and out the door. I tried to spray her off with the hose but she flipped out when the water hit her neck which is odd because she absolutely loves prancing through the sprinkler. I got a bit of it off and looked at her neck which was red and a bit bloody. Scared the poop out of me. I tied calling Shawn a few times to no avail. ARRRRRR!! Why have a cell? Really? I left a panicked message for him to call me back that something was really wrong with his dog. He finally called me back and after a bit I decided to just wait until he got home to look at her before we decided to take her to the vet. She basically laid around and moped the whole day. He got home and looked at her. I said I want to take her in. He agreed which is not normal for him. He never wants to spend the money. Thank goodness he agreed.
The vet looked at her for all of 2 seconds before she diagnosed her. She said Clara has something called a hot spot which double coated dogs get when their fur gets wet and there collar rubs on it causing water to get under the skin and cause infection. The sores were everywhere, they were really big and they all burst. That caused the odor and the 105 degree fever she was sporting. They sedated her, shaved her and cleaned her up. Gave her some antibiotics and pain meds.
Poor little shit has been sleeping since we got her home. She won't even lift her head to look at me, just thumps her tail and nuzzles into me. She is loving all the attention. I can't wait until she is back to normal so I can stop being so panic stricken.
Oh and the cost for this little scare....$300 big ones. 2 days before we leave for Wyoming.


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