Thursday, September 1, 2005


With all that is going on in New Orleans I am scared and angry. I am angry with our government. I am angry with God. How could the richest nation in the world not do more? How could God let people suffer so?

I watch president Bush on TV with his smug little grin talking about what he is going to do to help. It pisses me off. What does he have to smile about? People are shooting at each other, people are dying. Babies have no formula, people have no food or water. Does he think that is a reason to grin?

It scares me to know that our government is more worried about looking good to other countries than helping it's citizens. We can send billions of dollars to other countries but we can't organize buses fast enough to save people's lives? I am embarrassed for our country right now.

Bush is calling on his Dad and former president Clinton to rally for money like they did during the tsunami. Money isn't the problem, people are giving. What we need is organization.

I am angry. Our president disgusts me.


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