Wednesday, January 11, 2006

My baby is growing up!! Waaaa. Yesterday he shaved for the first time. I can hardly believe it. Seems like just yesterday that he pee'd in my hair when I gave him his first bath. Man time flies. (so did the pee back then)

My baby girl on the other hand is only four and is moving out. She came home last night from Keely's house and announced she was moving in with Keely. I said "oh yeah what brought this about" she replies "I was there so long I just have to move in". I forgot about it until she said she needed to go pack her clothes so she can move. Man oh man. I tell her "honey you can't move to Keely's, you live here with me". She cried as if her heart were breaking. She carried on for at least 20 minutes until I called Holly to see if Keely could spend the night Thursday night. Catastrophe ended.

Since I have the time off work Shawn and I have been working on finishing our basement. We finally have all of the hardwood flooring in, the wainscoting on the walls, shelf ledge about the wainscoting and all of the trim done. Now we just need to get the wall built for the laundry room and the ceiling up and we will be good. The best part of all of this is the time Shawn and I spend together. We always have a good time working on projects together. The best, best part is all of the shopping I have got to do. I was able to take a day trip to Ikea!!

I interviewed with the new management today. It went great. He said he has heard good things about me from everyone. He was impressed with all of my experience and asked me to train when they hire new people. Yay for me, that is more money an hour!! He also said to let him know when I want to train to bartend! I asked for that for 6 months and was never given the opportunity. I was also given the shifts I asked for. It went really well! I was hired on the spot but was told not to say anything because he has been telling everyone he would call and let them know after he got through all of his interviews. So all went well and I won't be jobless anymore. It's been a long week and a half for sure. I have way to much energy to be a stay at home mom.

On a more serious note a lady on a board I post on mentioned going to the gym and how she doesn't like to go because the skinny girls look at her funny. You know it's difficult being one of the skinny girls that the heavy girls glare at. You know they hate you. Is it fair for the heavy girls to despise the skinny girls? I mean it's not my fault that I was born with a high metabolism and the pride of self that motivates me to eat well and hit the gym from time to time to keep myself looking good. Do those heavy girls really hate us skinny girls or do they just hate themselves so much that it is easier to put their self loathing onto someone that reflects what they hate so much about themselves. No matter what I just want to put it out there that thin person discrimination exists just as much as fat person discrimination. The heavies look at the skinny's and think go eat a cheese burger. The skinny's look at the heavy's and think put down that cheeseburger. Seems everyone always wants what they don't have. Such is life I suppose.


djohn52 January 14, 2006 at 5:46 PM  

Congratulations on your new job!

Yes, they grow up!  My grandsons were talking last weekend.  They are cousins, one 15 (Colton) and the younger one (Hunter) is 7.  Hunter asked Colton "why do you have hair all over your lip?"  Colton said it just grows there.  It's just dark and fuzzy, he hasn't started shaving yet!  Colton looked at his Dad and said "See, he can see it!"  Guess Daddy had been giving him a hard time about his face fuzz, since he never has had very much.  Took him forever to have to start shaving! LOL

Take Care!


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