Monday, March 27, 2006

Sick of people

I am so incredibly frustrated with my Mom right now.

She is scheduled to have surgery in 2 weeks for knee replacement. Her ass of a boss told her a few days ago that she had to have her insurance premiums prepaid for the time that she was out recovering or she wouldn't be able to have the surgery done. Instead of checking her insurance policy or calling me she cancels her surgery. What the hell? I tried to explain to her that her boss was bullying her that what he is doing is illegal. No dice. I finally got frustrated and told her the only reason she cancelled is because she is afraid. I ended up calling her insurance company myself and complaining about her boss. They must have called and bitched at him because last night when I talked to her he had offered to cover her premiums while she was out of work and she will have top pay them back when she goes back to work. That's what I thought the ass. It's a good thing I demanded that she call and reschedule her appointment last week.

Onto other things that add to my frustration. A woman that I play poker with, whom I really adored and really considered a friend pulled bitch to the tournament director and complained about me because I beat her! Such is life but damn if she had a problem say something to me. She is 60 for pete's sake, be an adult and don't run to the TD like a freakin' baby.

I had a shitty day at work yesterday too. I had an old couple stiff me. Fuckers!! Do they have any idea who I am??? lol One of the girls I work with was being a bossy bitch. I felt like telling her when she signs my fucking check she can tell me what to do. I have been there way longer than her. WTF is wrong with people??

Okay onto something better. The party for our friend Scott was a blast!! I saw the pictures from his accident and I just wanted to cry. I probably would have had he not been sitting in front of me so full of life. It is amazing he made it out alive by the looks of his truck. I also got to sit and really talk with his fiance. She is such a sweet girl. It's obvious why Scott adores her the way he does. She is just a doll. Her and I are going to meet at the gym tomorrow night. It will be fun to have someone to work out with again since Holly has been to busy for the last few months.

Ugh!! My bully of a daughter just beat her sister up...gotta run!


randlprysock March 28, 2006 at 12:23 PM  

So sorry to hear you are going through all this stuff.  Hugs and hope the day turns up better.  We had a mess with our insurance too when Rob had his knee surgery.  I'm still waiting for the insurance company to pay some of the stuff they were supposed to pay before we start paying any of those bills.  Then they had the nerve to call and interrogate us for the third time about how the injury happened.  Grrr.  I so know how you feel.    

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