Tuesday, August 8, 2006

One should never mess with a Mom. Especially one that becomes as ferocious as a mama bear when she feels one of her cubs are in harm. That is just what happened to this mama bear and her cub today.

I had just pulled in the drive from picking up some lime for the yard, ran in to drop my stuff in the foyer before going back out to help Shawn drop lime on our grass. Hannah was babbling about Matthew, Skylee was babbling about Matthew then Ed came up and said some coherent things about Matthew getting beat up and he was going to take care of it. I took one look at Matthew with his swollen face and I told Ed that there was no way in hell he was taking care of anything because I was doing so first.

I made a bee-line passed my husband who looked puzzled and said you look mad, what's up. I didn't answer, I was on a mission. I rang the doorbell at Cade's house and told his Mom what was up. She got pissed right away too and told me Cade wasn't there, he was at Levi's. I said that's where I was headed and she followed.

We made it over to Levi's house, heard the 3 little boys stories in which they said one older boy encouraged it which prompted Cade's Mom and I demand that boy be brought out now. We drug similar stories out of the bunch of boys but only one was talking, the rest were agreeing or adding little tidbits.

Cade was made to appologize to Matthew. Later his Dad came over to check on Matthew and make sure he was okay and so we could cross check our stories before anyone got the punishment coming to them. We still don't know exactly what happened. Matthew says the 3 little guys and Barrett the older boy were all hitting him. Cade says Matthew hit him first and he hit him back but that Barrett encouraged it. Regardless Matthew will not be hanging with these particular boys again for a while. He could have really been hurt if it was 4 boys punching on him, one being 13.

I sent Ed over to deal with Barrett. He had to contain himself from pissing his own pants when Ed got in his face. I know I shouldn't have sent Ed over but I surely would have went to jail for what I would have done to the kid had I dealt with his sorry ass.  


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