Friday, February 8, 2008


Is it just me or is anyone else ready for November?
I fancy myself a knowledgeable person. Someone who follows politics if not closely than avidly, but I have had it with all the political talk. Everywhere you turn there it is.
My favorite show "The View" has always had a degree of political talk to it but lately it is insane. Hot topics has always been my favorite part. I love the discussion. Now it is one blow hole spewing her insane thoughts against 3 intelligent mature women who are so frustrated they end up sounding like idiots.
Turn on the news, there it is. Late night talk shows, there it is. E! there it is. My favorite blogs on the www, there it is. Can we get a break?
It is no secret to anyone that I am a die hard democrat. That surprises a lot of people, but hey take a look at the republicans who have been in the office since I have been old enough to pay attention. First we had Bush number 1. Total idiot. Stuck us in a war we shouldn't have been in, made a lot of already rich oil men even richer. Killed the economy. The list goes on. Bush number 2 and I mean number 2 as in ca-ca, crap, shit. We are in the midst of another war we shouldn't be in because his Daddy's friends didn't get rich enough, it is his job to help them out. He has killed our economy. DEAD. We have very few allies left, our dollar is worth next to nothing. The list goes on.
Back to being a democrat. I have had it with them as well. Standing on their pedestal shouting change, change, change. Can they actually do it? Can they get us out of Iraq? Can they turn the economy around? Can they make us a super power again? Can they fix the mess that 8 years of 2 and his flunkies have made?
God I hope so. But can they do it a bit more quietly please?


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