Tuesday, February 7, 2006


I have had a hellish, nightmarish sort of day.

 First Ed is sick again or still or whatever and needs to go to the doctor, only I called and the office wouldn't make him an appointment because his dad still owes them money. Grrrrr. I call the idiot up and he tells me he will pay it within an hour and would call me and let me know when it was done so I could make Ed an appointment. I hadn't heard from him since so I called and asked him if he called the doctor. He said no his check won't be in until tomorrow morning. WTH?? I asked him why he didn't just tell me that so I could have paid the bill and he could have paid me back. Now it would cost him $1000 for the ER instead of $100 for the doctor. I really laid into him. I almost felt bad for him. Almost.

Last night while I was chatting with my girlfriend Melissa my laptop crashed. I screwed around with it until really late and gave up. I didn't have time to even mess with it until tonight when I finally called Dell. The lady was helpful and all and determined that my hard drive had crashed luckily it is still under warranty for 2 more weeks!! All was well until she told me it would cost a small fortune to get my files off of the dead hard drive. Yikes!! That is when I called the ex.

On top of that I am feeling neglected by my poker playing husband and just really need some attention. So the best way to get attention is to start a fight, right?? Wrong!!

I decided all I really needed was a long hot soak in my jacuzzi with a good bottle of wine. I filled the tub up to the brim, kicked on the jets, poured my favorite jasmine scented bath salt in, poured a glass of wine and then promptly kicked my glass of merlot off the side of the tub as I was climbing in. Hey at least it tastes just as good straight out of the bottle. Somehow though,I just don't believe a $20 bottle of merlot is meant to be sipped out of the bottle. Maybe it's just me??


randlprysock February 7, 2006 at 10:46 PM  

Hey the bath and merlot sounds like a great idea!!  Hope that Ed feels better soon and hope your honey comes home and you two have a wonderful evening together.  My first husband was one to go out all the time and I hated it.  I am so thankful that Rob doesn't go anywhere much but he works all the time and is probably taking on a part time job so I'm going to be alone with three kids and a new job a lot. Yikes.  Pass the merlot darling!! Hugs,


djohn52 February 12, 2006 at 9:35 AM  

Awwwww!  You kicked over your wine???!!!  Hopefully it went IN the tub, so you could at least bathe in it! LOL  That's what my AgelessXtra tastes like, a good glass of fine wine!  I love it.  We only drink real wine once a year....maybe! So my AgelessXtra takes it's place and my body likes it better!

Yes, just keep the "good" thoughts of your friend.  It does get easier..but not right away!

Thanks for stopping by!  I'm not very good about checking either right now, maybe after my training is over and I go part time, then I'll have more time!

Take Care!


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