Monday, February 13, 2006

Bad Luck??

Does bad luck rub off??

To end my nightmarish two week streak of bad luck I kicked the recliner down, my toe slid off, bent backwards and broke. Argh!! I knew that was it for me. I couldn't have any more bad luck. I mean a broken body part is pretty darn bad! I can't believe my bad luck transferred to someone in my own home though...why couldn't I have given it to the neighbor or a really rude customer or something?

My husband called after work to let me know that he was having a horrible day. Work was bad, he screwed some stuff up. All he wanted to do was hit Walmart and get home and relax. What started as a small stop for teddy bears for our girls for valentines day ended up with a stop at Sam's Club for a new tire when his blew on the way to Walmart. Poor guy!!

He finally buys a new tire, has it put on and is on his way to Walmart. My husband has never, not even once in our entire relationship, surprised me with anything. He asks me what I want for holidays and he buys it. I was expecting some willow figurines tomorrow. Anyway, he calls to say he tried to surprise me with a new digital camera I have been coveting for weeks but when he asked the clerk for it he was informed they were stolen. Now please tell me how someone steals 20 cameras with printers off an end cap at Walmart and walks away unnoticed!! So I do some quick research online while I am on the phone with him and settle for a different model. I am so happy my sweetie thought to surprise me. I love the camera and all but damn, how much bad luck can a family take??



njerzgal February 13, 2006 at 8:41 PM  

Apparently my family's bad luck has rubbed off on yours. Damn our friendship!!
I hope things look brighter soon. ((Hugs))

blondepennierae February 14, 2006 at 7:59 PM  

OMG I hope the luck does a turn around.  take care of the broken toe.  I know how badly that felt, and have fun with your new camera.  Happy Valentines Day, Pennie

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