Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Holy Hannah!!

Hannah my 4 year old is really into hitting right now. I don't know what has gotten into my sweet little baby. Maybe she is just learning to defend herself from her older siblings or maybe she has learned she has a powerful little arm. I don't know. Whatever it is it is just driving me nuts. The following is an actual conversation between myself and my smart mouthed little monster of a 4 year old.

Me: Hannah can you please leave the bathroom so I can go potty?

Hannah: Only if I can take a bath in the 'cuzzi. Deal or No deal Mom?

Me: No deal Hannah. Out!

Hannah: If you don't let me take a 'cuzzi I am going to hit you with my pencil sharpener.

Me; If you hit me with your pencil sharpener I am going to spank your butt so hard it turns purple.

Hannah: You can't spank that hard Mom. It will only turn red.

Me: Get out Hannah.

Hannah: Deal or No deal Mom?

Me: Wanna red butt?

Hannah: No deal Mom.


Argh!! She makes me crazy!!

Earlier in the day she was crying when she discovered the for sale sign in the neighbors yard. I asked her why she was crying. She said I am afraid B and D will take Buster. I said they will Hannah that is there dog. She had big crocodile tears rolling down her face and collapsed into my arms, sobbing that she loves Buster and will miss him. How will she ever live without him?

From sweet to monster in a single afternoon. ::sigh::

Adding on here...

It is no secret that Shawn and I are huge poker fans. The kids are picking up on it and have a daily poker game which Hannah wanted to get in on today. It was soooooo adorable to watch her push her chips in the middle and exclaim "all in"


randlprysock March 21, 2006 at 11:46 PM  

What a delightful entry!!  So good for me to get over here to your journal.  How's it going weather wise in your area?  I love the name Hannah.  She sounds just precious in spite of the stage.  I know what you are going through because my two boys entered this stage simultaneously and do it to eachother frequently... one hour they are best friends forever and the next enemies for life.  I only hope they come out of childhood alive!  Hugs,

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