Sunday, March 19, 2006

a mumble jumble of stuff

I haven't written in this thing for more than a month. Time flies.

The last month has been super busy. Work is really picking up. I am so happy for the new owner and for myself. When he is making money so are we.

I took first in poker sometime during this busy month too. That was super exciting!! I have become a poker junkie!!

I started working out again in the last week. I started back up with pilates. The first few days my abs hurt so bad I could hardly breathe. My friend Nancy gave me an Ab-Doer. I think that will really help too. I want to lose inches off my hips, thighs and tummy. Pilates is great for that!!

A wonderul blogger here published a book and I have been dying to read it. I was going to purchase it but shipping was so high. I decided then to wait for the book to come to Amazon. She was very sweet and emailed me the book in a word document. I held onto it for a few days because I wanted to give it my full attention. I never planned on spending the entire afternoon engrossed in her story. She is a phenomenal writer. I can't wait until she writes another novel. She is so talented and I have no doubt she will be a famous novelist. I encourage everyone to pick up The Beauty of June by Jaime Lozada (Book) in Books > Fiction & Literature > Women's Fiction.

I have had a few people ask how I am doing after losing Scott I have to say that my heart is healing, I have been doing really well until last night. Shawn and I met a guy a few months or so ago through one of our friends. His name is Scott as well. He has quickly become a wonderful friend of ours, he is such a great guy. Someone sent him into our lives. About this time last year he was nearly killed in a car wreck. He wasn't expected to make it through the night. He not only made it he has thrived. I hear he is different than he was before the accident. I say it has to be for the better. This is genuinely one of the sweetest guys I have ever met. We were supposed to meet him and his fiance last night for the big St. Patty's day celebration. I got his number from Shawn and programmed it into my phone typing Scott and not thinking much about it. I went to call him and pulled up the name Scott which had two numbers under the name. His and my Scott's. I nearly had a break down but pulled myself together and mentioned to Shawn how hard that was since I had been doing so well. He said I should delete Scott's number from my phone. I can't, I just can't bring myself to delete it. I can't delete him from my phone. It would be like I am deleting him from my life and i'm just not ready for that.



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