Monday, June 21, 2010


I'm a firm believer in Karma. I'm from the school of do good things and good things will happen, do bad things and bad things will happen. Ala Earl Hickey.
I have always been a friend to the spiders of the world. I'm not afraid of them, they don't make me squeal like most girls. I have never had the need to call my husband home to be a spider annihilator for me. I always just scoop them up and put them outside. I want us to co-exist, just not in the same house.
Last Monday I was helping my daughter clean up her room when I came across one of those really large black hairy nasty spiders. I scooped him up on a piece of paper and tried walking out of the room with him, headed for the outdoors. He wanted no part of the beautiful Minnesota summer and kept jumping off the paper. I kept scooping, he kept jumping. I finally tired of his game and smashed his ass.
The very next night I was bitten in my sleep by a spider. I remember vaguely itching it in the middle of the night. Then the bite was quickly forgotten until Friday when I woke up with a large red, hot to the touch, tender and itchy patch around the bite site. I knew something wasn't quite right. Turns out my spider bite was infected.
The friends of fuzzy black spider had avenged the cold blooded murder of their friend.

Today I was working on a long over due landscaping project. I was removing sod from against the house. Perfect spider hiding area. They were everywhere. I couldn't blink without another spider scuttling out and up the wall. I'll admit I smashed a ton of spiders today, tonight I am afraid to go go sleep.
Karma is a bitch.


Anonymous June 22, 2010 at 11:32 PM  

omg....I don't think I could kill them!!! ONLY because I'd be too freaked to even consider it with there being so many! lol

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