Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Ticks? Oh My!

Over the long Memorial Day weekend we as a family ventured off for our traditional camping trip. I don't know when this started. Could be as far back as when I was in 8th grade and went with my brothers to Guernsey Lake. Anyhow, I don't remember when I picked it up with my own family but its what we do. Usually. This year was not to be like all the other years. The threat of rain, two small kids and a hubby who hates to camp sent our camping companions back to town 24 hours early. The threat of rain, a waterproof-less tent, a tired Mom and a sick Dad sent us back to town 14 hours or so early. We came home and set up the tent in the garage for the kids, built a fire in the fire bowl in the driveway and let the kids at it. They all ended up in the house but they had fun thinking they were still in control of camping. It never did rain more than a sprinkle but that's okay. That was 14 less hours the ticks had to crawl on us. Yuck!


Captain Dumbass June 19, 2010 at 12:43 AM  

I don't like camping either, unless its in a cabin with electricity and cable and hot water.

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