Sunday, November 23, 2008

Random Ruminations

Are there any dream decipherers out there? I had some odd assed dreams last night and am dying to find out what they mean. When my Jill tells me her dreams I can always guess at what they may mean. My own, no idea.

I dreamt about my turtle tank. I refilled their water but it was too hot. 90 degrees according to the thermometer and no matter what I did I couldn't get the temperature down. I was fearful my precious turtles and their fishy friends would perish but there was no change in their behaviour and they didn't die.
Dream number 2 was odder still. I have dreams of my ex often but this one is odd. I was somewhere. I think a day care center or something that had a water slide. I watched several children fall to the cement below. None were mine and I knew none of them but I couldn't get off this slide. I was to afraid to either go down the slide or go back down the way I went up. When I finally got down I was inside of the day care building. A super old friend of mine came in and said my ex was outside to go out a different door and he wouldn't see me but I looked out the window and there he was. I remember hiding my son and walking out the door to see what he wanted but all I could say is "your hair looks weird". When he and I were together he shaved his head nearly bald, in my dream he had a blonde afro'ish hair due. Then I woke up. What in the hell is up with these dreams? Anyone?

Also, why is it that I spend hours organizing and cleaning my laundry room and ten minutes after I have walked out either the kids dump their laundry basket from their room into the middle of the floor OR Shawn comes in and kicks all my separated piles of laundry into one large pile of unseparated clothing? He then shrugs and says "I didn't know they were separated". Hmmm hello McFly! Did you think the jeans fell into their own pile?

So help me out with my dreams people!! Please!


Cat November 25, 2008 at 3:00 PM  

Hmm. About the turtles. Perhaps your brain is expressing a frustration with something you aren't able to control right now (or when you wrote this, I'm so behind), and you're trying to make things perfect and safe, but you just can't. Then you realize, when the turtles and fish don't die, that you neednt have worried? That's my best guess.

About the ex? Dreams are fucked up, that's what I think. I got nothing on that one.

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