Saturday, December 10, 2005


Have you ever had one of those days that shook you to your very core? One that made you evaluate your whole life, one that makes you wonder what's next?? I had that very day today. Anyone who knows me well knows that I am not a crier. Today I am all cried out.

It started as any Friday night at the Corral. I jammed out on my drive to work preparing to have a phenomenal night. Lots of tips and lots of laughs, I walked in and was greeted with an obituary. One of my favorite servers had died before life even began for her. 23 years old and dead. So much potential. I couldn't contain myself. Here come the tears. The other servers stared at me, what was up with me? She worked with us for such a short time and it was so many months ago. Why the water works? Why? Because she was such an amazing young soul with so much potential and do much life inside of her. She definitely lived life to it's fullest. Maybe she knew.

I decided to wipe away my tears and go on with the night. I didn't want to think about all that opportunities missed out on. I wanted to think about all she had lived for. Life goes on for the living.

Come the end of the night our manager called a meeting out of no where. Every single employee was in attendance. She didn't get a word out before her water works started. It seems the owner has decided to get out of the restaurant business, effective December 31. 11 years, 11 years and he is out. We are all out, out of a job. Hello! End to one of the saddest nights I have ever known professionally.

All I want to do is go pray for a life that ended way to soon, an angel in heaven that was really an angel here on earth. She earned her wings before she ever learned to fly, rest in peace Cassie.


vapaisano December 31, 2005 at 10:21 AM  

I was very touched by your story. Although I was actually looking for someone else's blog, I am fortunate to have come upon your entry, because it reached me on so many levels. I too have had a "connection" with another person, a co-worker, who didn't work with me for very long, but touched my life in many ways. I can feel for the way that her tragically short life made such an impact on you.
I grieve for you and hope that you can go forward from here as a stronger and even more loving person towards others. I think Cassie would have wanted it so.

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