Thursday, December 8, 2005

Catching up...damn phone

Why is it every time I sit down to catch this thing up the phone starts ringing? Is it the God's trying to tell me I just shouldn't do it??

Update on Matthew's teacher dilemma. I received a letter from her this weekend saying she knew how upset I was and came up with some ideas on how we can be pro active in Matthew's education process. Well, damn it took her long enough. I will now be signing all of his homework so that she knows I know what he is working on and what to help him with. I will also be receiving an email from her letting me know daily if his homework is turned in or not. Miraculously he has started paying more attention in class. I guess the stern talking to helped. I feel so relieved. I was so afraid my 8 year old was going to flunk out of 3rd grade.

Saturday was Hannah's third birthday. I had her little best friend's Mom drop her off here at 8 am for a morning full of surprises. I loaded them up in my truck and started driving. They hadn't a clue where we were going. When we pulled into my work they thought we were just stopping to grab something. Little did they know what was in store for them.

We settled in for some breakfast. When they were done eating they were eager to get on with the surprise for the day. I told them to hang tight for a bit and we would get going. About that time Santa pulled up outside the window in a horse drawn carriage!! It was like a kiddie rock concert. So many little kids jumping up and down screaming!! It was awesome!! Made my grinchie heart grow 3 sizes that day lol. Santa came in and read them stories and sand songs, told jokes and such. Hannah was a bit scared of him but warmed up to him eventually. Then it was picture time. Too cute! We had brought in a sleigh with red velvet seats the night before. The picts were adorable.

We went out for a sleigh ride after that. It was so beautiful I can't describe it and do it the justice it deserves. It was snowing huge beautiful snow flakes and we were being pulled around on the fresh snow by two beautiful white percheron stallions. It was breathtaking. Me and my girls.

Since she didn't have a full blown party we drug the special day out by letting her open a present every few hours. The highlight of the day was the last gift. Her Dora playhouse. She has slept in it every night since then.

That's all I have the patience for now. More later, and picts! :)


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