Monday, January 21, 2008

2008. The year of.............?

So, 2007 was the year of the purse for me. I spent the entire year yearning for and buying every designer purse I laid my eyes on. I can't tell you the exact amount of purses I ended up with because that would mean walking the 3 feet to the closet to count. We will get to the reason I don't want to do that here in a minute. My rough guess is somewhere near 12-15 new designer purses this year. I have made a vow to myself to lay off. I mean who needs that many purses? It has become a running joke around here. Me and my purses. I can spot a fake Coach across a crowded Trader Joe's parking lot.
I have determined 2008 to be the year of the illness. I rang in 2008 on a very mild, fairly sober, sick note. I made it less that 2 weeks before the next round kicked in. Before it was a head cold. Now it is a chest cold. I really want to just lay here in bed (where I have been for 2 solid days) and tell Shawn to wake me up when spring is in the air. I hate winter. I mean I HATE winter. What makes my hate of winter even stronger is being sick during the winter months.
It appears 2008 is also going to be the year of the teeth. I went in for a cleaning and walked out with the knowledge I have 13 cavities. THIRTEEN! It's not like I don't brush and floss everyday. It's just that I have this intense hate of going to the dentist. Which is quite odd because that's what I inspired to do with my life when I headed the few blocks from my house to the college.
That was before I got stuck in the nerve with a needle and lost the ability to become numb in the mouth. Wednesday I endured the agonizing pain of having 2 teeth filled with what felt like being numbed with Anbesol. My dentist finally decided it would be best to send me to a sedation dentistry office. Ya think so? That is what I asked for before we started this horrible dental work. Anyway, I ended up with 2 days of horrible pain to be hit with the mother load of colds. Grrrr!
Can I get a redo on 2008? I mean really! 21 days in and nothing really good has happened. Maybe it's the purse God's way of telling me to keep shopping!


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