Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Buncha Nothing

Today is just a blah, blah, blah day. Not much to write about but I feel compelled to make an entry. I hate letting this thing sit to long.

I went to parent teacher conferences last night for the middle two. Sky's teacher blurted out Skylee doesn't wear underwear sometimes. WTF?? She wears underwear, she is just so damn skinny that her pants won't stay up and her little butt crack shows sometimes. Sooooo, I can put pants on her that fit her waist and are 8 inches to short or they can fit the length and be to big around the waste. A belt doesn't work. What to do?

After that embarrassing conversation we went to Matt's class. The teacher got with us about 10 minutes late, leaving 5 minutes for our conference. She hands me his report card that is absolutely horrid in all subjects she teaches and great in all the ones she doesn't. She asks me if I have any problems with the report card and acted shocked when I said yes the whole thing. I tried several times to cut into her rambling with a question. None were ever answered. Just danced around. I asked point blank what I could do to help him and was given an explanation about how he doesn't ask questions in class. What would be the point of asking one when she obviously does not know how to answer one. I finally just cut her off and said look, this report card is not Matthew, I am frankly stunned with what I am seeing, not to mention that I never received any call saying she had so many concerns. I proceeded to tell her how he has pulled straight A's since kindergarten and I wanted him to get the help he needed before the end of the year, her reply was oh really, his former teacher has told me what a problem child he is and that he has trouble listening. I said hmmm, no one but you has ever mentioned a thing about any of this. She said Mrs. Schmitz specifically told me these things. This is when she about got to see my full fury. I said Matthew has never been taught by a Mrs. Schmitz. His teacher last year was Mrs. E. She promptly said well our time here is up if you ever have questions or concerns feel free to drop in or give me a call. Grrrrr. I want to drop something but it isn't in. It was an absolutely humiliating night for me that left me feeling sub par as a parent to say the least. I came home and sobbed into my pillow for a bit, wiped the tears away and came out to play Mom. Ya know, my kids may not be the best listeners(?), or be too skinny with too long legs but they are mine and as long as they grow up with love in there hearts, morals, and a decent education than I have done the job I set out to do the day I discovered they were tiny beans in my belly.

Ya know when I watch Malcom in the Middle it reminds me of my family just replace Malcom and Dewey with girls and you have my life lol.


Onto other news, Thanksgiving is just a few days away. I was a flurry of activity all day. Last minute preparation. All I really accomplished was getting the hallway painted which should have been done months ago when the rest of the house was done. Tomorrow will be the deep cleaning (with all 4 kids home from school) and all the food preparation that can be done before the big day. Topped off by a trip to the gym since I haven't been there since last Monday. ::sigh:: Why do I do this to myself? Why do I insist on hosting thanksgiving for the whole family including adult cousins? Either I am a glutton for punishment or I secretly get a rush from cramming so much cleaning and cooking into a two day period.


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