Monday, November 7, 2005


Here it is November 7th. One week into November and I didn't posted anything at all in October. What a busy month it was.

Sky turned 6 on October 3rd. She had her first real birthday party with friends rather than just neighbors and family. What a great time she had! She is growing up so quickly. I know...all Mom's say that.

October is also the height of apple season for us at work. I busted my ass for an entire month, can't complain though, I make more money in one month of apple season than I do all summer. What did I do with all that money you ask? I did what any red blooded girl would. I shopped!! I love to shop. Now that November is here and all has slowed down at work I am taking some much needed time off. Just in time to hit it hard again in December for all of the Christmas parties. Or should I call them holiday parties? Still on the work subject, I have begged and pleaded to train to bartend, I know how to bartend, I did so in my previous life (before hubby).  I just really need a change. I have been serving for 12 years now. I love it, I consider myself a career server. I am great at my job and make more money doing it than most people would even realize. It's just time to shake it up a bit.

I joined the gym in October too. I am loving it. Good-bye flabby ass hello nice, firm, hard ass. Yay!! I get a whole lot of you don't need the gym you look great. I'm sure I do but I grew up a skinny girl, many thought I was anorexic. Now that I am 15 lbs over my norm I feel flabby and am determined to get back down to where I want to be. I also tan every time I go to the gym...I want to be a tanned hard ass. Am I vain??

Now for the grand finale of October....THE
PARTY!!! It is the party to end all parties, it is when everyone in our cul-de-sac lets down their hair and gets wild and crazy. Truly desperate housewives gone wild. I love this party. It takes months to plan it, days to set up for it and hours to get so trashed all you make it through is 3-4 hours but those are the funnest 3-4 hours of the whole year. Ok maybe not the funnest (I kept my shirt on the whole night) but pretty darn close. Shawn was a flasher, what a riot!! I made him a huge schlong out of nylons with massive balls. Great fun. He had more housewives lips around his Johnson than he ever has in his life, too bad for him it was the fake Johnson, not the real one. I was a cute little vampirette. Next year I am going as an angel. One of these years I have to be good. 

As for actual Halloween, I spent the afternoon volunteering in Sky's class. I love that stuff. The kids all know me and seem to really like me. Skylee dressed up as snow white, Hannah as Hello Kitty and Matthew as a punk rocker (I'll tell you a story about green hair dye later). It was a wonderfully warm evening. I dropped Daddy and the little munchkins off 6 blocks away and came home to make the traditional chicken noodle soup and pass out candy. We had the most trick-or-treaters this year than ever before. 

Fun, fun fun :) 


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