Thursday, November 17, 2005

We interupt this regularly scheduled journal to bring you this cheezy ad banner

The whole world has gone mad. The j-land world that is. Seems those pesky ads AOL has added at the top of the journal has seriously pissed some people off. I guess I really don't have an opinion.

I understand why everyone is up in arms but I also understand why they are there. Being worth billions isn't enough for AOL Time Warner they want to be worth quadrillions. I am curious if it would make a difference for them to lose thousands of members. Would they just make up for the loss of customers with the revenue of all those ads?

When the message boards started changing over several people were up in arms, threatening to leave AOL. I thought yeah right, a bunch of blow holes. Oh hell was I wrong. One board I have read for years and even was a message board host for went from a booming board of thousands of posts a week to less than one hundred a week. Now people are threatening to leave AOL because of a banner across the top of their journal. I hope they leave, I hope AOL loses so many customers that they have to go completely free because no one will pay for there so called services anymore. I just hope before everyone leaves they leave a link to their new journal in their old one so I can keep up with everyone's lives.


PS Happy 1st Birthday Loreli


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