Thursday, November 10, 2005


It's no secret that I am a Mom of several children. I have been parenting for quite a stretch of time. 14 + years now. In those 14 + years I have had a hand in rearing 7 children. How the hell I have done it is beyond me. My problem? Organization. I have no idea how to organize the things in this house of many rugrats. It has become my achilles heal so to speak.

The disorganization in this house has drove me beyond batty. The very expensive haven we had built into our master suite for bathing and relaxing has turned into my worst nightmare. Nothing very relaxing about it. I have a penchant for reading in there. I read everything I can get my hands on. Therefore it is covered ceiling to wall with reading material. What the heck do Ii do with all of the pages I must peruse? I have a magazine rack. It is filled to overflowing.

My laundry room needs a good washing. I wish I could throw the whole thing into the washing machine and have it come out clean and organized. Will that ever happen? Probably not. I have a wonderful book shelf in the room meant to hold lovely containers for winter hats, scarves and mittens. All summer long it is full and works well. Come winter it is empty and there isn't a stocking cap to be found. There must be a very well dressed snowman somewhere in the neighborhood. I started a sock box for all the strays that aren't matched during laundry folding day. Thing is I started skipping the matching part and started throwing them all straight into the box. I figured I could just match them all later. Sock folding has now become a 2 hour event once a month when the kids scream their toes are frozen and the teacher insists they must wear socks in gym. The storing of the clothes that do get folded is my next area of insanity. I fold them all stack them on the hockey table that has taken residence in the laundry room and holler for the kids to come get them and put them away. They actually get put away half the time. The other half of the time they stay put on that table until I get irritated and haul them all up the stairs to tuck them neatly into the dressers they belong in, that is until I walk into the room the dresser lives in and find the clothes I just washed yesterday thrown all over the floor while the owner of said clothes was looking for the perfect shirt to wear with the coolest pair of jeans they own. Grrrrr. I have begged Shawn numerous times to please haul all of the dressers down to the laundry room so I could put the clothes away myself and monitor all activity going on in the drawers of the dressers. Yet, the dressers are still in the rooms. I'm not sure if it's because he hates my idea or is afraid to wade through the clothes tsunami in the rooms to get the dressers out for me.

I cannot even go into what my kitchen cupboards look like inside or what to do with the 3 junk drawers I have, the closets that must have missing children lost inside of their depths or the toys and such that live under the couch.

How in the world do I even begin to organize this house??


lisaram1955 November 22, 2005 at 9:48 AM  

You sound like you need a wife!  

My house doesn't look much different, and there are only me and husband living here (AND my nine pets...)  I'm VERY afraid of what it would look like if we DID have kids...  LOL About the reading material in the bathroom.  I have exactly the same problem.  Lisa  :-]  

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