Friday, October 27, 2006

Call it fate, kismet, call it karma or destiny. Maybe I have ESP? I do know I have a heavy heart. You see, two of the neighbors I posted about yesterday announced last night they may be moving to Vegas. He got a job offer and his parents live there. They wanted to move closer to family. We are family dammit.

There were many tears shed last night, guilt trips as well. How could they even think of leaving us? We are the amigos. How can they take my adopted niece and nephew away?  Hannah's best friend. Do they know how this will tear those girls apart. Those two aren't merely friends, they are sisters. I have never seen any two children spend so much time together. When they were gone for four days Hannah was lost. When they got back Hannah rushed over as they were pulling in the driveway. She had to spend the night. They laid awake talking until midnight and were up at 8 so they could talk some more. Soul sisters those two are. What will become of them if they move?

Then there is my little man. The dude I love as if he were my own. From the time I held that baby in my arms at the hospital I was in love with him. When she had such a hard time with PPD after he was born  I devoted my time to helping her and loving him. That's what friends and families do. I celebrated his first tooth, his silly little crawl, and then the momentous first steps. We sat outside and encouraged him to walk back and forth between us and cheered like mad and covered him with kisses when he did.  They can't take him away from me yet. I haven't cheered when he mastered a two wheel bike yet.

I know, it sounds so silly. They are neighbors after all, some would say. Not many people have the pleasure of having their neighbors turn into their family.

I feel as if my heart is breaking...


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