Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I just got back from meeting with the banker. Did I mention I looked at another restaurant last Thursday? I am hoping all of the disappointments we have had in the last few months have led us to this place. I would love to hang my server apron at this place for awhile.

When I walked in I felt at home. I expected someone to yell Norm everytime the door opened. This is my kind of place. There is food there but it is mostly a bar. A really wonderful sports bar.

Anyway, the banker said everything looks good. He will check into some loan options and let me know. As always, fingers crossed people.

So, what did ya all think of my pictures? Fun bunch we are eh?  Scott and Cat's wedding reception was a blast!! It was go, go, go from 8 am on but it was so worth it. In my opinion it turned out perfect.

This coming up weekend is our anual Halloween party. More craziness and with any luck more crazy pictures to follow. You know you all want to party with us. I just might leave Shawn at home this year. My man is being an ass but what's new? So what are we going to be this year you ask? How about Hugh and the girls (as in next door). Now you know you can't wait to see the pictures!!



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