Thursday, October 12, 2006

A total brag!!

Sky won a poster drawing contest at school last week. She had to draw a fire safety poster. She won first place in the first grade. She won a $10 award, had her picture in the paper and her poster goes on to the state competition. I am so proud of my little Sky bug!

Still searching for a restaurant. I found a broker online. I called him and he was having a big ass fit about having to share commission with my agent. I was supposed to meet with him today but wasn't able to because of Matthew's field trip and the fact he didn't call me back to work out the commission split thing. This really is bullshit. Why is it so hard to find something to buy? I really wish I knew what the next step was.

As for Matthew's field trip today, it was so awesome!! We went to the science museum and saw body worlds. It was fantastic!! I had a bit of a problem with the fetuses and the woman with the baby still in her stomach but the rest was awesome. The kids were so hilarious freaking out because the penis' were still attached. This one boy in our group decided he wanted to be buried because he didn't want his body cut in half like one of the specimens and he didn't want everyone seeing his penis. A-okay! The omni theater was fantastic as well. We saw a great piece on the vikings, Fun time!

Body Worlds - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Keely fell over the railing tonight at her house. Holly called and wanted me to check her over. Poor kid, she is going to be sore for a bit but she looks okay. Hannah had to call right away when I got home so she could ask Keely herself if she was ok. No trusting Mom when we are dealing with her best friend.

Scott and Cat's wedding reception is this weekend. I can hardly wait!! I'm sure i'll be adding pictures. The walk was fun and hopefully they raised a bunch of money for research and grants for the families.  



randlprysock October 14, 2006 at 10:07 PM  

I hope you find the perfect spot for the restaurant!!  And I do remember winning a safety poster contest once in school for a bicycle contest.  Got $25 for it too.  Hugs,

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