Sunday, April 19, 2009

This is what sunny and 78 looks like in Minnesota

If Sunday is the beginning of a new week then yesterday was the close of one of the worst weeks I have had in ages.

Monday was fabulous, don't get me wrong. I spent the entire day spring cleaning and organizing our downstairs. I sorted through things that haven't been touched in years. I dusted, vacuumed and scrubbed the living areas down there into submission. Plus it was the day that, just like Jesus, my friend died and was brought back from the dead. Thank God I had all that cleaning to keep my mind from wandering to far down the path of thinking I nearly lost a third of one of my favorite groups of friends and all that would mean in my life.

Tuesday is when the crappy week really began. I was super tired and super sore. I chalked it up to too much cleaning and rested for the day.

Wednesday hit my like a mack truck. I was in so much pain I couldn't move without wanting to scream and the commencement of water works. All that yoga and cleaning put the icing on my already injured back. Off to the chiropractor with me. The second he adjusted my neck I got one of the worse headaches I can ever remember in my life. Yikes!

Thursday I went back for more chiropractor torture and to be perfectly honest was quite possibly the worst day I have ever had in my life short of the days I lost some important people in my life. The shit storm just wouldn't end. Like a dumbass I tried to take the labbie for a walk right after I left the chiro table. Dumb ass idea number one. She drug me all over the river bottoms chasing the scent of every rabbit who ever hopped along the path. This caused further wrenching of my back. It is also the day Shawn announced he would be taking a $3.60 an hour pay cut. Commence with the holy fuck thoughts. I had a small tiff with my girlfriend which exacerbated my crappy day. Add on top of that I received an email from my uncle letting me know that my 90 some year old grandmothers body was no longer responding to dialysis and they would be removing her cath and stopping dialysis. It will only be a few weeks and she will be gone. After reading that email I put my head in my hands asked Shawn if the day could get any worse and sobbed into the soft fur of the labbie who caused me so much pain earlier in the day.

Friday I woke up with a sinus pressure headache from hell. A combo of all the crying and the pollen I sucked in on my traipse through the river bottoms. I tried extra strength tylenol, mucinex D and my netti pot. When all of those combined had no effect I hit my bed and slept nearly the entire 80 degree day away. I did wake up feeling enough better that I was able to help the kids put up the trampoline and get the top on the gazebo. I grilled steaks, watched a bit of television and soaked in the jacuzzi tub before getting back into bed at 9. All in all I was awake far less than I was asleep that day.

Yesterday Shawn and I took the girls shopping, worked in the yard a bit and painted the trim on the house. Last night we played cards with some very fun people. It was the perfect end to my shitty week.

In other news....Sky slept over at a friends last night!! It is the first time she has actually stayed without us picking her up before 11. I am so happy for her. She's growing up!

The serial killer is on the loose again. I discovered two victims under the deck today. A headless bird who's head was found on the other side of the house and a headless baby bunny who's head has yet to be found. I put a collar with a bell on him but he is still just too sneaky. Fucking cat.


Cat April 19, 2009 at 3:52 PM  

jesus, it was a worse week than i even thought! you need retroactive hugs for sure. this week will be your week, i can feel it.

only a movie April 19, 2009 at 4:15 PM  

Ack. What a week. Hope your head feels better and thinking good thoughts for your family and grandmother...

Kate April 20, 2009 at 7:46 AM  

Our cats don't go outside.
Karen wouldn't deal well if one of them killed a bird or a rabbit.
She's too much of a nature/animal lover.

I love bunnies and I love the cats.. so I agree, they stay indoors.

I'm sorry you had a bad week.

I missed you. I'm glad the weekend was better and I hope this week is extra good to you to make up for the shitty stuff that you endured last week.

Love you girl.

Debbi April 20, 2009 at 12:22 PM  

OH NO! I hate chiro headaches-- they're usually the worst! And seriously, I think it's contagious, because my neck hurt earlier this week, and really, it's only gotten WORSE, not better, with attention! :(

Hope this week is much better.

Kat April 21, 2009 at 3:31 AM  

Sorry your week was shit-tacular. I hope it gets better soon and sorry to hear about your grandmother. That situation is never easy and I am sending my prayers and thoughts to your family. Take care hun.

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